Download All Elizabeth Tekeh Latest Gospel Songs (MP3/Video)

 Growing back in the early 2000s, Elizabeth Tekeh dominated the Cameroonian community with the latest gospel songs. 

These tracks were usually played in buses and provided a sense of protection or God's guidance during such long journeys across regions in Cameroon. In fact, our boarding secondary school days were graced with such melodies. Children could be seen singing to the goodness of God.

Gospel musician Elizabeth Tekeh announced the imminent release of a new blockbuster music album in 2021. 

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Her fifth (5th) album is themed 'Record of  Life.' Elizabeth Tekeh's 5th album was released on April 30, 2021.

 After ten years without producing gospel music, it is needless to reiterate the enormous excitement on social media as we gear up towards the gospel music launch event. 

Who is Elizabeth Tekeh?

Elizabeth Tekeh is a Cameroonian gospel musician who usually composes worship gospel songs. She has never been shy to voice out her childhood suffering in her music. She talks of how she dropped out of school due to the inability of her father to pay her school fees, amongst other hardship stories. This has led to her being dubbed Cameroon's most oppressed citizen by social media fellows.

This article introduces the biography of Elizabeth Tekeh and all the latest songs by Elizabeth Tekeh in MP3 and video format for free download.

Download All Elizabeth Tekeh Latest Gospel Songs (MP3 and Video)

The Elizabeth Tekeh Latest Gospel Songs available for download in MP3 and video format are as follows:

  1. Record of Life
  2. Naked I came to this World
  3. It is Not by Might
  4. My Destiny
  5. When the Holy Ghost Comes

1. Record of Life

This soul-touching music is straight from her fifth gospel album. 

2. Naked, I came to this World

Elizabeth Tekeh, in this video, describes how worthless material things in this world are. She also reminds us that we were born naked in this world and shall go back or die naked. Watch the video below:

3. It is Not by Might

Elizabeth Tekeh acknowledges the power of God or Jesus Christ as He intervenes in our daily lives. Watch the video below:

4. My Destiny

Elizabeth Tekeh reminds us that our destiny is in God's hands, and we must do good.

5. When the Holy Ghost Comes

Elizabeth Tekeh tells us about the judgment day reckoning and how we must keep our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Watch the video below:

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