How To Become an Orange Money Business Partner (4 Steps)

 Becoming an Orange Money Business Partner comes with lots of advantages. This partnership is a dream for any business or company looking to digitalize its services.

Requirements For Becoming  an Orange Money Business Partner

The Business or company must present all necessary legal documents authorizing the existence of his company. The documents to be presented are as follows:

  1. A valid taxpayer card
  2. A Letter of incorporation
  3. A valid Business license
  4. A Bank attestation
  5. A Memorandum and article of association
  6. A copy of the National Identity Card of the General Manager or any person with a letter of attorney authorized to act on behalf of the company
  7. Possession of an Orange Money account with good mastery of the Orange Money secret code
  8. The business structure must have an internet connection.
  9. The business structure should have at least a computer (laptop or desktop)
  10. The business structure should possess items that will assist the client in implementing the Orange Money Business solution and also do a follow up of all its transactions carried out via the Orange Money solution.

How To Become an Orange Money Business Partner (4 Steps)

  1. Submit a letter of intent to Orange Money
  2. Submit all required documents as enumerated
  3. Wait for Orange to process your documents
  4. Orange will contact you to inform you of your Orange Money Business Partnership status.

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