All Nexttel Roaming International Bundles and Offers (Code)

Getting the best of Nexttel Roaming international bundles and offers has been tricky. In fact, I have always been skeptical about taking my Nextel sim when on special duties or meetings abroad.

Nexttel Roaming International Bundles and Offers

Fortunately, Nexttel Cameroon has just made public its roaming tariffs and offers you can take advantage of while on international duty. This should calm a few nerves.

The table below summarizes the latest or new Nexttel roaming bundles and applicable zones or regions: 

Amount in FCFA
ZoneSMS CostCall Reception on RoamingCalls to Networks in Visiting CountryCalls to CameroonCalls Worldwide (to the Rest of the World)Data Cost in FCFA / Mb
Zone 11501502509609605 843
Zone 22053513511 1691 7535 843
Zone 32053513511 3442 0455 843
Zone 42053513511 7532 3375 843

Nextel Roaming International Zones

  1. Zone 1: Viettel Affiliate - Lumitel, Halotel, Natcom, VTT, Movitel, Metfone, Unitel, Bitel, Telemor
  2. Zone 2: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, UAE, South Africa, Turkey, Switzerland
  3. Zone 3: African and European countries remaining
  4. Zone 4: Rest of the World


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