Richest Blogs and Bloggers in Cameroon (Highest Paid)

These highest paid bloggers rarely post their income reports on a regular basis. The earning gap between high and low-income earners in Cameroon is so huge that you would automatically know which professional blogger is struggling to survive.

Google Adsense and Blogging in Cameroon

In 2019, the Google Algorithm received an update which purportedly resulted in an income shrink. AdSense is owned by Google and is currently the largest advertising network in the world. 

So it is understandable to realise why most bloggers who relied heavily on it were left with a sour taste in their mouths.

Nevertheless, a few websites in Cameroon such as Kamerpower, Lejournalducameroun, etc benefited from the update. This has seen a rise in their income over time.

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The Blogging Market in Cameroon: How many Cameroonians browse the web in Cameroon?

Out of the approximately five (5) million Cameroonians that access the internet daily, more than half of this number visit various blogs that contain relevant content. 

The websites that benefit most are those owned by established media houses like CRTV (Cameroon Radio Television). It should be noted that relatively new websites such as and Hippotechgroup have a sizeable stake; they are even threatening the established blogs. 

One behaviour about the Cameroonian online community is that they go with time, they search for content trending at that time. If there is a blog that posts content that resonates with online visitors, it will certainly go viral. 

This is the reason why blogs such as Mimi Mefo Infos as well as fashion, jobs, Music, and lifestyle blogs have gained grounds in recent years.

What is the Average Income or Salary of a Blogger in Cameroon?

As of 2022, the average monthly income of a professional blogger in Cameroon is 75000 FCFA ($140) or 900,000 FCFA per year. However, there are individuals or companies that earn more or less based on traffic and monetization strategies. 

Hence, the highest paid blogger in Cameroon can comfortably earn more than 3,000,000 FCFA ($5550) monthly.

Who is the highest Paid Blogger in Cameroon?

Alondi Commanda is currently the highest-paid and richest blogger in Cameroon. He amasses his income or earnings from his well-established blog in Cameroon called Kamerpower.

The Richest Blogs and Bloggers in Cameroon (Highest Paid)

Below is a summary of the income of the richest blogs and bloggers in Cameroon per month:




Kamerpower (Owned by Alondi Komanda)



Job Info Camer



Journal Du Cameroun



Cameroon Infos



Mimi Mefo Infos



LeMobileauKamer (Founded by Minette Lountsi who owns other websites such as KamerLyrics)




Blogging in Cameroon is a lucrative activity if done professionally. With as little as six hours a week, you can easily make passive income online. Why not create a website or start a blog in Cameroon today?

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