12 Top Blogs and Bloggers to Follow in Cameroon (2024)

This is a good topic of interest as blogging has been rising in Cameroon. There have been several reasons attributed to that. Today we shall discuss the top blogs and bloggers in Cameroon that you should follow in 2024. 

A few reasons implicated include the decrease in internet fare, increased social media, fame, unemployment, competition, and the rise of start-ups. Gone are the days when university graduates would queue up with professional CVs just to get into the job market. 

Many avenues, such as affiliate marketing, blogging, and digital marketing, have made it possible to take up a career online. Hence, without any doubt in my mind, blogging remains an ever-booming industry in Cameroon and will continue to increase in subsequent years.

What is a Blog?

According to Wikipedia, a blog (which is a truncation of "weblog") is an informational or discussion website that is published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete and often informal diary-style text entries (posts). 

These posts are usually displayed in reverse order of chronology so that the most recent article appears as the first at the top of the web page.

It should not be confused with a website, though a blog is a type of website in reality. The chronology of how posts are displayed tends to set them apart. 

Reasons to Start a Blog

Blogging, combined with social media presence, is a reliable way to promote your business online in Cameroon. Many small business owners are hesitant to make the leap and begin a business blog, but they're missing out on a huge opportunity. 

Unlike businesses, blogs are usually operated or run by single individuals and tend to have a focused niche to set aside from the competition and write unique content

Note that the reasons to start a website might be arguably similar, but it is vital to understand all blogs can be a part of a website or a website, but not all websites can be blogs.

Who is a Blogger?

  • A blogger is somebody who blogs or writes content for a blog.

  • Blogging can be defined as the act of writing a post for a blog.

A Word About Temo Group

The blog, Temo Group, was officially founded in 2019 by Melvin Temo, MD. I say formally established because groundworks for the site were already laid down by 2014. However, it was only until 2019 that original content found its way to the regular intervals. 

He coded and developed the website from scratch, which still continues to be the case. So far, he has blogged or written more than 200 articles and plans to achieve the 1000 mark in a few years. Based on his hobbies, content on DreamPoinTech focuses on Tech, Business, and Health.


You might be wondering who Dr. Melvin Temo is? Well, that's me, the writer of this article. Other diverse content might be added with time and as we get more authors. 

You can check out my resume or my LinkedIn profile (still to update relevant career changes). Also, you can even do a search on Google about me :). Below is a featured snippet of me.


Are you interested in being an author, a guest blogger, wanna support DreamPoinTech or just want to reach out to me? Then you can contact us.  It's Free!

What are The Top Blogs and Bloggers in Cameroon to Follow

Yep, we are finally on the subject matter: Classifying the top blogs and bloggers in Cameroon has been attempted severally by other bloggers. However, it has always been a mixed bag as blogs in Cameroon are in different niches. 

It is not unusual to find articles on the web discussing the top 10 blogs in Cameroon without reference to these blogs' categories. I will say I find this ambiguous as the ranking of a particular blog should be done with an emphasis on its niche. 

Also, some rankings have blogs that no longer exist (dead links). Hence, we need to clear the clutter.

Modalities for Ranking The Top Blogs and Bloggers in Cameroon

That being said, we will attempt to classify these blogs according to the following criteria:
  1. Niche: Blog ranks will be done in 4 Categories: Tech Blogs, Business Blogs, Entertainment Blogs, and News Blogs.
  2. Domain Authority and Page Rankings: These have long been debated but play a huge role in SEO and site authority. Hence, we will consider this modality. Where applicable, we will list relevant values and Alexa Page ranking info.
  3. Perceived Social Signals: Followers from Social Media Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., will be considered. We're aware that this is one of the significant ways to drive traffic to a website and explain how influential a blog is.
  4. Website Organization: Designing and categorizing a website is key to the best user experience. Website speeds, on-page ads, content completeness/uniqueness, presence on Google My Business, and best SEO practices will be considered. These factors may or may not be stated under each class but keep in mind that they are viewed.
  5. The Top 3 Websites will be listed in each category only. It takes a lot of work to rank according to the above metrics, limiting the rankings to 3 in each niche, making it 12 top sites.
  6. For this review's purposes and to reduce bias (hoping the p-value is less than 1), DreamPoinTech will not be mentioned in any category.
Good! It's time to go to the rankings. We will follow the order as categorized under the niches above, viz:
  • Tech Blogs
  • Business Blogs
  • Entertainment Blogs
  • News Blogs
Now, let's get to the details:

The Top Tech Blogs and Bloggers in Cameroon to Follow in 2024

Tech blogs in Cameroon still appear to be at their infant stages. I say this because Cameroon does not have dedicated tech blogs to review gadgets and cool tech stuff. Dreampointech will continue in that direction to bridge the gap. 

However, here are a few Tech Blogs that stand out:
  1. Lemobileaukamer.com
  2. Hippotechgroup.com
  3. Mobiprox.blogspot.com

1. Lemobileaukamer.com

Lemobileaukamer has been around for more than 6 years. I will say this is quite impressive, founded by Minette, a female tech blogger. Though she no longer blogs frequently on the blog, she writes on Networks in Cameroon and Mobile Tutorials. 

A quick Twitter check of her revealed she also runs a music blog. Lemobileaukamer bags a decent score of 21 on the Moz authority scale and 436k on Alexa Ranking.

2. Hippotechgroup.com

Launched in 2019, Hippotechgroup was founded by Saitu A. Cheng. He is a Teacher, Blogger and plows his expertise in ICT, Tech Info, Health, and Business. 

His on-page scores are tremendous, and he currently uses structured data to make his content understandable by Google and other Search Engine bots. Lastly, his site has an excellent mobile score index as he runs on Accelerated Media Pages (AMP), a feature DreamPoinTech also fully supports. Connect with Mr. Cheng.

3. Mobiprox.blogspot.com 

Placing a Blogger-hosted blog will always raise a few eyebrows, but this one is worth it. Mobiprox is run by Mr. Tayoh. He specializes in VPN Tricks, Modem Unlocks, Software downloads, and Network Settings. 

Furthermore, his site's google search revealed a featured snippet for Google My Business (GMB), corresponding to his business registered in Dschang, Cameroon. This is one of the few tech blogs verified on GMB. 

We noticed a lot of ads on his blog after we bypassed the ad blocker sign for the cons. We hope he improves on this. Shout out to Mobiprox!

The Top Business Blogs and Bloggers in Cameroon to Follow in 2024

Here are the top 3 business Blogs and Bloggers in Cameroon:
  1. Enstinemuki.com
  2. Ransbiz.com
  3. Moneymastertutorials.com

1. Ernstinemuki.com

Before proceeding, I will say this is one of the most professional Cameroonian Bloggers I know. However, it is shocking that he is virtually anonymous in the Cameroonian online space. A testament to this is that I only got to know him a few weeks ago when researching and answering Quora and other reputable SEO websites. 

I immediately got to his site, read a few blog posts, subscribed to his channels, and reached out to him on WhatsApp as soon as possible, given my busy schedule. I was happy, he responded, and we had a great chat.

N/B: Before I forget, he has an excellent guide to succeed in affiliate marketing.
Hehehe, I just realized we spent the last minutes giving all credit to this guy, but it is due, lol. That being said, Enstine Muki is a full-time blogger, coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, and Digital Entrepreneur with over 10-year experience working online and helping businesses worldwide develop a substantial online presence. 

His site scores an impressive 42 on a scale of 100 with a 2 percent spam score. Given that he is an SEO expert, this comes as no surprise.

2. Ransbiz.com

A few people may categorize Ransbiz as the English version of  Lemobileaukamer. However, there's more to that. Ransbiz is owned by Angu Ransom. 

Founded in 2014, he has shifted a bit from his blogging on networks and tech in Cameroon but instead focuses more on Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Cryptocurrency. He is also an inspiration to me.

3. Moneymastertutorials.com

A search of how to make money online in Cameroon pops up Mr. Kum Eric Nso. This dude is the founder of Moneymastertutorials. He is pretty active in the field of Digital Marketing, Search engine Optimization, and Affiliate Marketing. He is one of the prospects to watch out for. Below is a sample of one of his money-making stuns.

The Top Entertainment Blogs and Bloggers in Cameroon to Follow in 2024

Here are the top 3 Entertainment Blogs and Bloggers in Cameroon:
  1. 237showbiz.com
  2. thehotjem.com
  3. iyunadeblog.com

1. 237Showbiz.com

237Showbiz is among the first 2000 websites in Cameroon, Their content is 100% focused on Entertainment. They have unique content. As Neil Patel says, Content is King, which is the deciding factor for keeping them up the list. 

Regarding engagement, they are among the first 700000 sites worldwide and have an impressive 100000 followers on Facebook.

2. Thehotjem.com

The Hot Jem is among the first 15000 Websites in Cameroon. They made it to the second position of this ranking because of their Moz ranking (21 out of 100) and content. However, given their domain age, we expected them to be among the top websites in Cameroon.

3. Iyunadeblog.com

Iyunade Blog is among the first 8000 Websites in Cameroon. The blog offers unique content, and they are on point. I expect Iyunade Blog to quickly become the first blog in English Cameroon.

The Top News Blogs and Bloggers in Cameroon to Follow in 2024

The top 3 News Blogs and Bloggers in Cameroon are:
  1. journalducameroun.com
  2. camerounweb.com
  3. kamerpower.com

1. Journalducameroun.com

Le Journal du Cameroun is arguably the best site in this category. Bagging a domain authority of over 65 on a scale of 100 in the Moz Domain authority tool, they are a force to reckon with. They cover various news articles in Cameroon, including politics, sports, business, culture, and health.

2. Cameroonweb.com

Cameroonweb is a bilingual blog. It is currently the 36th website in Cameroon. They have one of the highest Moz rankings in this category(43). The blog has content about News, Entertainment, Sports, and Business. 

3. Kamerpower.com

Kamerpower is a Cameroon Base company founded in 2014 by Alondi Commanda, with its Head Office in Bamenda, Cameroon. They provide Educational Resources, the latest job offers, orientation to students, and the latest job offers.

Wrapping it Up

I hope you have enjoyed comparing and assessing the top blogs and bloggers who are currently active in Cameroon. 

Note that the statistics in this article are valid as of the time this article was written. These statistics change over time, activities, and traffic on the blogs. 

In the comment section below, your contribution to this article will be immensely crucial to these changes. 

Are you a blogger? Are you so tight up with your work and will like to run a blog? Then, you should look at how I succeeded in running my blog in only six hours a week while keeping up with my schedule as a Medical Doctor. This will surely make you become a successful blogger.
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