How to Start a Blog in Cameroon That Makes 1.5 Million FCFA

How To Start A Blog in Cameroon That Generates 1500000 FCFA Monthly?

Starting a blog in Cameroon is not as hard as it used to be. Though it takes some time to build a blog or website, you can easily generate 1.5 Million FCFA monthly from blogging online in Cameroon. Make sure you read this article to the end to learn and see how we made it.

Equally important, If you are the kind of person who wants to be in control of his game and do it yourself, this tutorial is made specifically for you. 

This is a complete guide on starting a blog in Cameroon and making it look as professional as the one made by an IT professional.

We will set up a Blogger or WordPress blog together and be willing to answer any questions you post in the comment box below. 

So let us go directly to the process of Starting a Blog in Cameroon.

How to Start a Blog in Cameroon and Make Money Online?

Here is a comprehensive step by step guide on how to start a blog in Cameroon:

  1. Name the blog or website (Domain Name)
  2. Decide on Web Hosting
  3. Select a Content Management System: Blogger or WordPress.
  4. Write Great Content
  5. Optimize Your Blog or Website For SEO
  6. Drive Traffic To Your Blog.
  7. Monetize Your Blog.

Now let’s break the above down:

1. Name the blog or website (Domain Name)

This is the number one requirement you will ever need to start a blog; the address people will be typing in the address bar to access your blog.

This is the “” part of the blog. While choosing a name for your domain, remember to keep in mind the following:

The shorter the domain, the better for your blog and your readers.

I always recommend a .com or a .net. You might consider a .org because SEO I do not like the country-specific ones like .cm. But if your target audience is from a specific country and does not use but google. Cm then a .cm is your choice.

Your domain should be easy to remember.

You do not have to keep it specific to what your blog is about, like blogging about making money online; it is not a must for your domain to be something like that is for one way too long, and also these days, Google penalizes such domains.

You may consider a .cm if you want to rank your domain for Cameroon only. This means you will be targeting google. Having guys come from Cameroon, you won’t get many clients since not all Cameroonians access the internet using

To get a domain name, you have to purchase it from a domain registrar; here is a list of the top domain registrars in the world.


My favorite registrar is Godaddy for a start. It costs you around $15 (9000 FCFA) to register a single domain for two years or $0,99 for the first year.

Note: The prices differ for domain extensions like .net or .org.

2. Decide on Web Hosting

A Web host is simply where your blog is based or served; I prefer calling it the home of your blog; it hosts all your blog files from themes, audio, pictures, video, etc. 

If you need to install a WordPress blog, you need a web host.

If you build your blog on Blogger, then you don't need web hosting.

People are always frightened when it comes to hosting, but you should not; you don’t need to be that IT savvy to manipulate a server; you don’t even know how to code to set up a blog on a Host.

Most of the hosts have software known as Softaculous; it is a tool that comes with Cpanel, you just log into the Cpanel of any host and select Softaculous and follow the prompts, and you are done.

You can install many programs with 1 click using Softaculous; you will just have to enter the basic details (site title, description, email, username, password, etc.).

You can use Softaculous to install  WordPress, the leading blogging platform with perfect plugins, and they are effortless to install and surely will help in SEO and other stuff.

Here is a list of the two best Web Hosts I recommend:


Do not use your web registrar as a host; I like it if you let each carry its own purpose better.

However, certain WebHosts like BlueHost will allow you to register a new domain when you sign up; however, HostGator gives you an assurance of 99% uptime. There are other Free Web Hosts (but I recommend paid hosting)

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3. Select a Content Management System: Blogger or WordPress

They are two main free blogging platforms in Africa:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger

a. WordPress

I have already mentioned WordPress basics; Once you have installed it, here are good plugins to use.

  • Google Analytics
  • Yoast SEO
  • Jetpack
  • Redirection
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Akismet
  • Tweet This
  • Contact Form7
  • WP Super Cache

Now it comes to the part of the theme, choosing your theme for WordPress.

Here is a list of sites that have Free themes

  • Themeforest

Some themes do not allow you to add a logo, you can just enter the site title, and it will be shown as text, but some themes require you to add a logo, but no worries.

There are plenty of free tools to make logos (online tools), and you can make your own if you are good at Photoshop, or if you can afford, then hire a designer.


Blogger is a free and slick blogging choice for newbie bloggers. The best part of Blogger is setting a custom domain and monetizing your website or blog for free with Google Adsense.

4. Write Great Content

When it comes to content, there is a popular quote, “Content is King.”

Google, Bing, and other search engine site love unique content, by unique I am saying that it cannot be found anywhere else; you can write unique content, if you can’t, then you can use a content spinner (there are many free ones, but you will have to do small changes to it since none are perfect).

It is straightforward to add articles on your Blogger or WordPress blog; I am sure you already know by now.

You may ask how many words per article Google loves the most? People say different stuff, but I prefer 300-500 word articles.

If you can afford to hire an article writer, then sure go ahead, an article writer charges about 1 cent per word, and there are plenty of good writers here on temogroup; go to the contact us page, and reach out to us.

But if you cannot afford it and are not good at writing articles, you can use non-unique content, just copying from another site related to your niche and then pasting it directly on your site.

There is a plugin for WordPress called wp-o-Matic. This plugin takes content from the sites you want and adds the articles to your site.

5. Optimize Your Blog or Website For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Every search engine loves certain backlinks, Google will love backlink type X more than backlink type Y, but Yahoo will love Backlink type X more than backlink type Y. 

However, all search engines have something in common, they all like backlinks, but some are more powerful than others. So any backlink you can get is worth it.

Many tools can get you backlinks, and they do save time. Before building any backlinks, you need to know your keyword, which will be your anchor text. The keyword must be located in the title/domain.

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6. Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Driving web traffic to your blog or website is an integral part of growing your building your online presence. However, beware of quick fixes or sites that advertise fake traffic for as low as $1. These sites usually send bots to your site, which is not good for SEO.

There are also social media tools or web pages you can integrate to boost quality traffic to your site.

7. Starting a blog in Cameroon – Monetization

Monetizing your website so you can make money. Here are a few ways you can make money from your website.

Google AdSense and Medianet

Website monetization is an internal part of running a website. Several options for monetization exists, but we recommend Google Adsense and These are the two top ad providers in the world. 

However, even if your business has the limited time writing impressive content or developing a consistent blogging or writing schedule, these Ad networks always pay off if implemented correctly.

Below is a snapshot of what we now make weekly at temogroup from AdSense. We earn an average of  590 euros weekly, translating to 1560000 FCFA or 1.5 Million XAF monthly. It took us over 12 months of consistency and hard work to get here. 

With the right blog and white-hat SEO, you can make that amount and even more.

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Selling Banner Space

If your site gets lots of visitors, you can sell banner space on your website.

Selling Text Links

Selling text links on your Page Rank blog (works best if your blog has a page rank! Else, you don’t have to do this). The price you will offer for links on your site depends on the page rank your website is.

Affiliate Marketing

You can generate lots of money when you use affiliate marketing tools on your blog. Usually, each affiliate offers you will get banners to advertise it differently to put it on your site.


This barely works now; it will only work if your site really had useful information, so the person will donate to your PayPal. Take a look at our Donation Page.

Tracking your Blog's Traffic

Google Analytics is the best tool that is free to track how many visitors your site gets, from where, and from which keyword from search engines, it is the best, and most website owners use it.

A plugin called “Google Analytical” for WordPress will allow you to put the Google Analytics code very easily; I really recommend it.

Being a Google product, Google Analytics is built into Blogger as well.


To sum up, that is all that is required when starting a blog in Cameroon. Let us hear your reaction and blog experience in the comments section below.

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