Cost & What It Takes To Start A Blog or Website in Cameroon

Many temogroup site users usually inquire about the cost and what is required to start a blog or website and earn money in Cameroon online. I quickly understood their worry as no one would like to begin a Blogging career that isn't sustainable.

Some years ago, I was at the same place when I started this blog. You might be posing the same question.

The cost of starting a blog or website depends on two factors:

  • Paying a web designer to create the blog or website
  • Doing the blog creation by yourself.

How Much Does It Cost to Start A Blog or Build a Website in Cameroon?

Below are the approximate aspects of blog or website creation and their costs in Cameroon:

  1. Domain creation Cost - 600 FCFA to 7500 FCFA
  2. Web Hosting Cost - 1500 FCFA to 3000 FCFA Monthly
  3. Website design Cost - 50000 FCFA to 600000 FCFA
  4. SEO Cost - 25000 FCFA to 100000 FCFA
  5. Theme - 10000 FCFA

Summing it up, the approximate cost of starting a primary blog in Cameroon is 88000FCFA. This price can go as high as 750000 FCFA depending on the demands.

However, it would be unfair to leave you here. Therefore, what I am going to do is to let you walk with me as we explore this topic together.

If you have decided to start a website or blog, you have two options.

One is to pay a web designer to do it for you. The second is to build the blog yourself. Either way, there is a cost involved.

Cost of Starting a Blog in Cameroon: Two Ways

1. Pay a Certified Web Designer.

If you have money and do not have time to sit down and build a blog, you can pay someone to do it for you. In Cameroon, many companies offer these services at a fee.

A good website or blog costs anything above 88000 FCFA. I have been researching this topic and discovered that the average price of building a website in Cameroon is about 100000 FCFA.

Some website developers will charge you 150000 FCFA. However, the price depends on the functionality of the blog or website you want to set up.

I have seen clients pay as much as 600000 FCFA for an E-Commerce site.

If you choose this way of website creation, then be sure to pay any amount between 88000 FCFA to 600000 FCFA.

Once you have paid the fee demanded, the web designer, with a consultation with you, will set up everything for you and deliver your blog or website in five days or more.

2. Build The Blog Yourself

Yeah, I love the idea of building a blog by yourself. Why? Because you also learn how to maintain your blog.

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I always say this: Learning how to start a blog on your own puts you in the driver's seat. Besides, you can easily control the cost of creating such a blog in Cameroon.

I will take you the exact steps I took to set up this blog and the cost I inquired about. After that, we will add up and see how much it costs me.

The cost of starting a blog by yourself or by a web designer requires the following: 

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Theme
  • SEO Services

A. Domain Name

A domain is what gives your blog its address on the World Wide Web. Domain names usually begin with www. …..or https://www….

For example, this site's domain name is

Registering a domain name is a straightforward process. However, you may need more time to get the best name.

Once you have it, you can register here locally or abroad. I would prefer you to use a host such as Bluehost, Hostgator, or Siteground.

Domain names cost as cheap as US$0.99 to US$ 20.00 per year. In fact, some hosting companies give you free domain names if you buy hosting.

.CM Domain Names, the top-level domain name for Cameroon, was costly in the past. Now 'dot cm' domain names cost 7500 XAF a year.

Dotcom names are usually the cheapest.

On domain name, it could cost you nothing to 7500 FCFA for a start.

B. Hosting

Hosting is significant for this is where you store your files online. We have many hosting companies in Cameroon, but I recommend you go for a reputable company. Moreover, there are so many of them.

Hosting your blog can cost you a few shillings to thousands of shillings. Again, this depends on your needs.

You Can still host your Blog For Free on or

If you are beginning a blog, you may not want to spend so much. So go for a cheap but reliable host. For example, Bluehost has plans as low as US$ 2.50 per month.

For hosting, you can spend 1500 FCFA to 3000 FCFA monthly.

Note:  Most hosting companies are cheap when you pay for a more extended period. I would advise you to pay for an extended period to give you more time to focus on content creation. Besides, some may offer you a domain for free if you are shopping around for a host.

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C. Theme

If you intend to use Blogger or WordPress as your Content Management System, you can opt to buy a premium theme. The theme I use here costs me $25.00, which translates to about 15000 FCFA.

Hover, this is an optional cost, for there are thousands of free themes on Blogger and WordPress to use. You can buy a premium them on Theme Forest if you wish to.

D. SEO Services

SEO or Search Engine Optimization and SEO Agencies in Cameroon are still at an infant stage. SEO is a crucial and integral aspect of ranking and boosting your site traffic to have many site visitors. 

Hence, SEO does not only improve your brand or business but can help you generate or earn money in Cameroon.


The cost of starting a blog or website in Cameroon is quite affordable. Blogging In Cameroon is one of the easy ways to become rich in Cameroon. 

However, remember that these riches won't be as fast as you might have read on many online platforms. These online platforms usually lie about quick ways of making money online.

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You can hire us via our contact page if you need a blog or website to be built for you.

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