6 Common Lies You Have Been Told About Making Money Online

For decades, many bloggers have gotten away with myths or lies about making money online. What you see on social media daily about making money online or Blogging is just camouflage. 

I know you usually see flyers like make money online daily. This is true, especially when network or digital marketing is concerned. Do you want to work from home? Make money in the comfort of your home; ask me how.

I used to see these pieces of stuff; I thought it was easy, especially when I heard the word make money online. After going into details, I have discovered there's no easy way to make money online.

This article will talk about some misconceptions I had about online businesses or making money online.
I am not saying you can't make money online; I mean, whether it is what kind of job or business you do online, you need to also put in time and effort like any other real-world business.

6 Common Misconceptions About Online Business or Jobs.

These are the 6 common lies you have been told about making money online:

  1. You will get rich overnight: When I see some flyers about network marketing, Blogging, etc., I thought one could just do a few things, and money would start coming. This is not true because you need to work and put in some time like any other business or job.
  2. You will sit in the comfort of your home, and everything happens: This is not true, especially for some network marketing jobs. You can do some types of online jobs or businesses from home, like Blogging. In some network marketing, you must sell products and move from place to place to look for members. You need to attend seminars here and there. So, if you think working from home means working from home, you are mistaken.
  3. You are going to make a Double profit: there is some online business like investment business that, at the end of the investment, you will just be breaking- even. This means you just waste your time and money because you will not gain anything at the end of it all. Come to think of it, who do you think will create an online business and wants to make a massive profit from it? I always advise my friends to create their own businesses online.
  4. Making money online is for everyone: statistics have shown that about 70% of those who join online businesses don't actually make money to sustain their lives. You and I agree that only 1 out of 20 Cameroonians have made real money online to maintain them. I do not say you can't make money online; your method will determine whether you can actually make money.
  5. I'm sure you were thinking like me. It is a full-time job for a start: It is not easy for anyone who starts an online business and makes money as I thought. For any online business, be it Blogging or network marketing, you need to work for some time before money starts. You can work and receive payment for a typical job on the same day, week, or month. Legit online jobs or business? Needs you to invest in your time and then earn in the future.
  6. You can work without training: I used to see these flyers on social media saying, " work from home, no special skills required, you just do some little task, and you are done. This is not true, especially when it concerns Blogging; you need to train and do research before you can ever make a dime.

What You Should Know About Making Money Online

  • For you to succeed in anything online, you need training.
  • You need to be patient and consistent.
  • You need to do more research before engaging.
  • Creating your own blog or business online, be it for bubby or to make money, is suitable for a start.


I had some misconceptions when I first heard about online businesses in Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, the US, Europe, and Globally. Do not fall for such.
Please add via the Comment section below if I have not mentioned all.

This article is not to scare you about making money online but to make you think out of the box and engage in real online business such as Blogging.
It is also to make you understand that there are legit ways to make money online, and all online businesses require time like any other business.
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