List of All Faiba 4G eSIM Compatible Phones in Kenya 2024

This comprehensive guide seeks to enumerate all Faiba 4G eSIM compatible phones and tablets available in Kenya.

On January 22nd, 2021, the Faiba network company owned by Jamii Telecommunications (JTL) became the first ISP in Kenya to support the innovative eSIM technology. The eSIM reportedly sells at a low price of just Ksh 150 at official JTL stores in Kenya.

Nevertheless, not all smartphones are supported. Hence, the network company has provided a list of eligible smartphones compatible with the Faiba eSIM technology.

List of All Faiba 4G eSIM Compatible Phones in Kenya 2024

Below is the official list of phones and tablets that support the eSIM technology in Kenya:

Android Phones that Support the New Faiba eSIM Technology

  1. Google Pixel 7
  2. Pixel 2 XL
  3. Pixel 3
  4. Pixel 3 XL
  5. Pixel 3a
  6. Pixel 3a XL
  7. Pixel 4
  8. Pixel 4a
  9. Pixel 4 XL
  10. Pixel 4a 5G
  11. Pixel 5
  12. Samsung Galaxy Fold
  13. Galaxy Note20 5G
  14. Galaxy Note20
  15. Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G
  16. Galaxy S20 Ultra
  17. Galaxy Note20 Ultra
  18. Galaxy S20 5G
  19. Galaxy S20+
  20. Galaxy S20
  21. Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
  22. Galaxy S20+ 5G
  23. Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
  24. Galaxy Z Flip 5G
  25. Galaxy Z Flip
  26. Huawei Mate 40 Pro
  27. Huawei P40
  28. Huawei P40 Pro
  29. Microsoft Surface Duo
  30. Windows 10 PCs
  31. Motorola
  32. Razr 2019
  33. Motorola Razr 2019
  34. Razr 5G
  35. Nuu Mobile X5
  36. Lenovo Yoga 630
  37. Palm Palm
  38. HP Spectre Folio
  39. Gemini PDA

Apple devices that Support the New Faiba eSIM Technology

  1. iPhone 11 Pro Max
  2. iPhone 11 Pro
  3. iPhone 11
  4. iPhone 12
  5. iPhone 12 Pro Max
  6. iPhone 12 mini 
  7. iPhone 12 Pro
  8. iPhone XS
  9. iPhone SE (2020) 
  10. iPhone XS Max 
  11. iPad Pro 11‑inch (2nd generation)
  12. iPad Pro 11‑inch (1st generation)
  13. iPad Pro 12.9‑inch (4th generation)
  14. iPad Pro 12.9‑inch (3rd generation)
  15. iPad mini (5th generation)
  16. iPad Air (4th generation)
  17. iPad Air (3rd generation)
  18. iPad (8th generation)
  19. iPad (7th generation)
  20. Apple Watch Edition Series 6
  21. Apple Watch SE
  22. Apple Watch Series 6
  23. Apple Watch Series 6 Aluminum

iOS and Android devices That Do Not Support the eSIM technology in Kenya

  • iPhones bought from Hong Kong or China are dual SIM variants that do not have eSIM capability.
  • The following Android devices and device manufacturers do not have eSIM capability at the moment: Samsung Galaxy S20 Hybrid Dual SIM, Xiaomi, Honor, RealMe, Huawei P40 Pro plus, OPPO, LG, HTC, Vivo and OnePlus

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