JTL Launches eSIM For Only KES 150 (How to Get Faiba eSIM)

 JTL Becomes First Kenyan Network to Launch eSIM For Only KES 150

Jamii Telecommunications Limited (JTL) Kenya has announced the much-anticipated availability of eSIM support on their Faiba network. These eSIMS are expected to work on many smartphones in Kenya. Faiba becomes the first network in Kenya to officially announce this feature.

eSIM is different from the traditional physical SIM card that users have on their phones. An eSIM or an embedded SIM is embedded in your phone. This chip is used to authenticate your identity with your carrier. 

The Benefits of eSim

An eSIM has several advantages: 

  • No need to replace or insert physical SIM cards
  • Devices can operate independently.
  • It adds a new range of new enhanced mobile-connected devices.

How to get the Faiba eSIM in Kenya?

JTL has enumerated the steps that will enable you to buy and use the eSIM technology as follows:

  1. Visit your local Faiba shop using Google maps to buy your sim.
  2. Swap your physical SIM with an eSIM or register for a new eSIM.
  3. Next, scan a unique QR code to activate the eSIM on the Faiba network.

How much does a Faiba eSIM cost in Kenya?

The Faiba eSIM costs Kshs 150 at authorized Faiba dealers and outlets around the country.

If you are a new Faiba subscriber, you will be required to activate your line with a minimum of Kshs 300 to benefit from the eSIM.

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