Nexttel Cameroon Free Internet Cheat Codes: Free Surf 2024

 Nexttel Cameroon free internet cheat codes are standard out by Cameroonians seeking to browse the web for free.

Free Internet Tricks and Hacks in Cameroon (MTN, Orange, Nexttel, Camtel, and Yoomee)

The search for free internet without subscribing to an offer is not a new trend. Since the late 2000s, when the internet became more prevalent in Cameroon, free internet browsing hacks or tricks were usually discovered weekly on other Internet Service Providers such as MTN, Orange, Camtel, and Yoomee.

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However, it is not an easy procedure to have free internet all the time. These network companies are out for money-making while providing their services to consumers. 

So how will the companies pay their workers and taxes if the internet is provided for free?

Are Nexttel Cameroon Free Internet Cheat Codes Available?

These free internet cheat codes are available for free browsing on the Nexttel Cameroon network.

Like the resurgence of Droid VPN, Opera mini browser handler, and PD Proxy back in the old days, these cheat codes work while they last. 

We have written several free internet tips, tricks, and hacks on various ISPs you can benefit from. Read to the end to get the links to these valuable resources.

Nexttel Cameroon Free Internet Cheat Codes to Browse the Web For Free

Use the following ways to get access to free Nexttel internet in Cameroon:

  1. Promotions on Internet Bundles
  2. Dialing Secret USSD Short Codes

1. Promotions on Internet Bundles

ISPs in Cameroon usually provide promotion codes or bundles that can be applied when subscribing to internet offers on phones or modems. This is typically the case after successfully purchasing a Nexttel modem or router

This free internet trick is trendy on Orange keys, phones, and modems sold on promotion. These codes can be applied to other modems after changing the IMEI. Note that the change of IMEI is illegal in some countries.

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2. Dialing Secret USSD Shortcodes  

This is the simplest method but very difficult to get the correct cheat codes. 

A popular Nexttel cheat code for free internet access is *865*81#. This code gives you 6GB of free data. 

Another popular option is currently valid with MTN Cameroon, which gives a whopping 20GB using a simple cheat code. Read more about this free internet hack here.

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Links to Useful Resources to Browse the Web For Free in Cameroon

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