Apply For MTN Cameroon Job Opportunities And Internships Online 2024

Many Cameroonians wish to apply for MTN Cameroon jobs and internships online daily. However, many do not know how to check for these vacancies or job opportunities in Cameroon.

Requirements or Eligibility criteria To Apply For MTN Cameroon Online Jobs And Internships.

To be eligible for a job or internship, the applicant has to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Must be fluent in at least English or French. Being bilingual is an advantage.
  • Must possess a professional or educational background compliant with the work of the Company.

How To Apply For MTN Cameroon Jobs And Internships Online

Any applicant willing to apply and work for MTN Cameroon should do the following:

  1. Submit a  motivation letter indicating the reasons for the application and  stating the field(s) of interest of the applicant
  2. Submit a Curriculum Vitae
  3. Include Relevant Copies of Diploma(s) or University Degree(s)
  4. Address the contents of the file to the General Manager or Chief Executive Officer, Human Resources, PO Box: 15574 Douala, Cameroon
  5. You will receive a response to your job or internship application with MTN Cameroon in 10 business days.

Types of MTN Cameroon Jobs And Internships Online (Vacancies)

Available MTN Cameroon job vacancies and internship positions are enumerated in the table below:

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