MTN Plus Bundles: Same Price For Calls To All Networks

 MTN Cameroon has introduced the MTN Plus Bundles. Thes bundles consist of many plans which promise the same prices for calls to all networks.

With MTN Plus Bundles, enjoy lower prices and call more to all networks.

Call and Data Plans Included In MTN Plus Bundles

How To Subscribe and Activate MTN Plus Bundles

  1. Dial the code *222# and press OK.
  2. Select the Plan that corresponds to your needs
  3. Select 1 to confirm.
  4. You will receive a confirmatory SMS to activate your MTN Plus Bundle.

How to Check Your MTN Plus Bundle Balance

  1. Dial *222*99# and press OK
  2. You will receive a confirmatory SMS indicating the balance of your MTN Plus Bundle.

Our Verdict

This bundle launches to compete with MTN Yamo. However, MTN Yamo remains a better plan as it offers more diverse prices for Data, SMS, and the Internet at very affordable rates. See More about MTN Yamo Here

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