How To Activate MTN SMS Unlimited Bundle (Short Code)

MTN subscribers activate MTN SMS to benefit from unlimited free SMS for a specific time.

Want to text intensely on a small budget? Want to share your emotions with your friends? MTN offers you unlimited Sms to stock up on texting!

How To Activate MTN SMS Unlimited Bundle (ShortCode)

  1. Dial *148#
  2. Choose your SMS Pack according to your needs: 24 hours and 30 Days.
  3. Press Send to activate your unlimited MTN SMS. 

What is the Cost of Activating MTN SMS?

The prices vary according to the SMS packs as follows:

  • The Day SMS Pack with Unlimited SMS costs 20 FCFA.
  • The monthly SMS pack with unlimited SMS for 30 days costs 500 FCFA.

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