How To Transfer Credit On Orange Cameroon (Code)

 What is the Orange Credit Transfer Service

The Orange Cameroon Credit transfer service enables you from anywhere or every moment to transfer minimum airtime of 100 FCFA to an orange number of your choice. 

This service is available to prepaid customers.

How Does the Orange Credit Transfer System Work?

  • It costs 5% of the amount transferred.
  • This amount is automatically debited from the sender’s account.
  • The sender’s airtime balance at the end of the credit transaction must be at least 250 FCFA.

 How To Transfer Credit On Orange Cameroon (Code)

  1. If you do not have a secret pin code, dial: #144 * receiver’s number *amount to be transferred # 
  2. Press the Dial Button 
  3. The credit transfer will be performed.

If you want to protect your account with a secret code:

  1. Enter a secret code by typing the code: # 143 * 0000 * new code # 
  2. You can modify the secret code by typing the code: # 143 * old code * new code # call key.

 Validity Date Extension Period For Credit Transfer

  • For sending: 12 days
  • For the reception:  30 days

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