Download Marry Me By The Natives - Produced by DP(MP3/Video)

 The Natives Urban Makossa Band Enters The Music Scene With Hit Song Marry Me

Marry Me is an incredible sweet melody and nostalgic tune with a mixture of comedy and lyrical ingenuity. It will remind you and your loved one that she must remember to Marry You!

The song actually talks of the modern-day societal happenings of women who extort Men and Men who extort women and refuse to Marry Them when the appropriate time reaches

Take some time, get your headsets, listen to "Marry Me," and tell your neighbors to do the same, too, so that let's all Marry Each Other coming this festive period. 

About The "The Natives"

The Natives is an Afropop/Urban Makossa Band of 4 talented young lads.

Created early this year (2020), the Natives are rich in experience with their Leader and Sound Engineer/Producer DP, counting more than 15 years doing and producing professional Music.

They have been working together on multiple hit songs and recently released their first Official Audio Hit Song, "Marry Me" Ft. Jahiem C Tiku and Shoghi Sarks

A Word About The Producer of Marry Me (DP)

DP (Real Names Bechem Eyong Eneke) is an extra-talented and diverse music producer counting more than 15 years on the job. He is also an incredible songwriter and a significant writer of the Marry Me song.


The Bayangi Boy, who initially had plans to excel as a showbiz blogger in Cameroon, has since turned his attention to Music, where he clearly dominates.

He has worked with countless successful artists, including Daphne, Prosper Menko, Vreezy Ville, Shey Boy, etc...

DP is the man to contact when it comes to making the right Hit for you. 

Download Marry Me By The Natives - Produced by DP (MP3)

  • Download the Marry Me MP3 via this Link.
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