Is Chymall Legit or Scam? Read Before You Join (2024 Review)

What is Chymall Sairui Mall?

Chymall, as it is termed, is an online marketing platform that promises you five percent of your investment every ten days. This means that you have 15 percent of your investment in one-month t and 90 percent in six months (a ridiculous claim).

Is Chymall or Sairui Mall A Scam Or Legit?

Yes, Chymall or Sairui Mall is a scam. In this post, I will prove to you that both Chymall and Sairui Mall are a scam and not legit; these are shady projects which are projected to con or scam innocent people in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, United Kingdom (UK), South Africa, Dubai (UAE), etc.

A Chymall Nightmare Story from a Sairui Mall Member

Anne N. (name redacted for privacy concerns) joined Chymall Cameroon in March 2020. She was promised a whopping 15 percent Return on Investment (ROI) in just 10 days. Excited about the new easy money-making venture, Anne withdrew a massive part of her bank's savings and sold some of her items to pay for three of the highest Chymall VIP levels. Seven months down the road, Anne has not been able to get the millions she expected to make from the comfort of her bedroom. 

With the recent closure and ban of Sairui mall or Chymall in Cameroon, Anne's only hope is to get at least 70 percent of what she invested in the pyramid scheme.

Sadly, Anne's story is similar to the Bitcoin Bitworld Ponzi scheme that swept Cameroonians off their feet in 2018. Many Cameroonians lost vast sums of money and continue to do so in petit MLM scams that appear every year. 

Indeed, with the rise in unemployment in Africa, and the zeal to get rich quick, these Ponzi schemes are not going away, at least not yet.

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Do Not Join The Chymall Sairui Mall Trading Scam - 7 Reasons (Legit Review)

These are a few of many reasons why Chymall Sairui Mall Trading is a scam:

  1. Chymall keeps your hard-earned money or capital with them as long as they wish while you struggle to earn from an elusive referral. This struggle makes people invest in the business and achieves the company more investors. Chymall Sairui Mall cannot make any capital investment if people are not referred to in this manner. This way of investment is a classic Ponzi Scheme.
  2. site has an inferior web design and development. The site is not mobile-friendly or does not fit to screen of a phone when surfing. It has a flawed web design or layout and portrays every signal of a scam. The website's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is deplorable, with language errors. There is also no verifiable online method of payment or proper organization.
  3. Chymall does not have a Terms and Conditions page. Furthermore, the site does not have a policy page. These methods are all shady tactics used by a company to con individuals. Without a policy page, they do not owe any obligation to you.
  4. Stay away from Chymall. This company uses new investors' money to pay existing or old members. This makes it a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme, They convince you by saying referral is not compulsory, but you have to refer to earn bonuses. If you fail to refer, you remain in the company for six months without making a single profit off your capital.

  5. The company Chymall was founded in 2019. The Nigerian domains,, and, were registered in September 2019 and October 2019 (see picture below as proof). The domains were recently updated as they noticed how well the scam was a success.

  6. The leading site was registered in June 2020, a huge red flag. Of course, some will argue they paid the domain name for 10 years. However, buying a domain name is as cheap as $0,99, so this is no surprise. Some lie Chymall tells individuals is that they are registered under the Alibaba Group. This is a very cheap lie as Alibaba is simply a domain registrant like Godaddy, Namecheap, etc. 

  7. Chymall Sairui mall has different packages that range from the sales of glass, perfume, and pendents. The health benefits of these products remain unbeneficial and unproven by reputable health authorities. The company claims to market these products in 10 days! Let's be honest, who do they sell the products to? Wake up; this is a scam. Why does Chymall not engage in other products like Android phones, iPhones, and other diverse items like other marketing companies? The answer is simple. Because Chymall or Sairui Mall will not last. 

Wrapping It Up

Chymall And Sairui Mall are all Ponzi or Pyramid schemes designed to rob you of your money. These dubious schemes will pay you initially, but they will not last.

Anne's experience with Chymall or Sairui Mall is a classic example of how people fall prey by thinking Chymall is legitimate. However, Chymall remains a scam, and you should stay away! 

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