Maviance Partners With Temo Group: Digital Credit Transfer

Maviance Partners With Temo Group

The partnership between Maviance Cameroon Plc and Temo Group Inc has been in the works for the past months. Today, we are excited to confirm that we have reached a mutual agreement, and the contract has been signed to permit us to move forward as partners to serve the public in this age of Digital Marketing.

Who is Maviance?

Maviance Cameroon is an IT consultancy, digital financial service provider, and software development company. It focuses on building industry-specific applications and solutions that address the needs of commercial, economic, and utility sectors in emerging economies.

Founded in 2012 by Maviance GmbH (based in Germany), Maviance Cameroon uses its expertise in the industry to accompany companies of all sectors. This is achieved through digital transformation. Maviance Cameroon has unique solutions: Smobilpay, Mavimeter, E-nkap, and MABS.

Maviance Cameroon PLC emerged as the winner of the 2019 Canal+ REX Challenge. The digital financial service provider beat 4 other contestants (Express Union, Dreamworld, EMI Money, and EC Active) to be crowned Best Seller by the French audio-visual group, Canal+, on January 14, 2020.

10 Benefits of the Partnership Between Maviance and DreamPoinTech

Aside from the advantages that come with such a union, there are also benefits the general public will gain:
  1. Consumers or end-users can now perform swift and secure online credit transfers to all networks in Cameroon (i.e., MTN, Orange, Nexttel, Camtel, and Yoomee).
  2. All Mobile Money Transactions will readily be available to the general public at competitive rates.
  3. Payment of water bills and electricity bills (ENEO) is now possible.
  4. The rival services of the Express Union and Express Union Mobile are also now possible. This will also permit students to pay their tuition fees to all higher National, International Institutions, and Universities all over the territory. 
  5. International Money Transfer at unbeatable rates is now available.
  6. Interoperability between MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money is now possible. This will make it easy for consumers to transfer money between both platforms.
  7. Becoming a Smobilpay Agent or getting a Smobilpay Account is now a step away as an agent account can be created for free as part of the partnership.
  8. Also, enterprises and sole proprietors or end-users can now pay for their Insurance from the comfort of their mobile phones.
  9. Digital Shopping or buying online is now possible using the Mobile Money options in the Smobilpay app.
  10. DreamPoinTech Inc will link up with Maviance to aid Enterprises or Individuals willing to invest in its other financial or digital services such as Mavimeter, E-nkap, and MABS. Contact Us if interested.


This is an excellent day for DreamPoinTech Inc as it joins the elite team of Maviance Partners. These Partners include top mobile operators in Cameroon (such as MTN, Orange, Nexttel, Yoomee, and Camtel Cameroon), Express Union, CamCCUL, Activa, Canal +, GIMAC, and other entities to make the realization of Digital Marketing and Cashless Transactions possible. 
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