Cheapest Data Plans in Cameroon and Prices 2024

 The average Cameroonian spends about seven hours online every day. Whether it is work, social media, research, or staying connected with friends, there is no doubt that the internet is an integral part of everyday life. 

This post reviews the cheapest data bundles in Cameroon and how much internet bundles cost in Cameroon. Today, service providers compete to give the best rates to attract more clients. 

Here are the various options for data bundles that clients can select from.

Review of the Cheapest Data Plans in Cameroon and Prices 2024

1. Camtel

Camtel offers its clients affordable unlimited internet packages at incredible speeds. In addition, the network has a self-contained portal called Myxtremnet, where clients can manage their data experience by tracking usage, topping up, and buying bundles. 

One unique aspect of this mobile network is that you can extend the validity period of your current bundle. You can purchase another bundle of an equal or higher amount before the existing one expires. The network's home plans provide the best-unlimited data plan for one person. 

Camtel offers the following cheap data plans:

2. MTN

MTN aims to connect communities across Cameroon by providing relevant and innovative mobile solutions to all. MTN uses a 4G network, so customers enjoy high connectivity speeds. The team is committed to meeting customers' expectations. 

The internet supplier has a unique feature where clients can borrow the internet to repay later. Clients can purchase the cheapest prepaid data bundles through this network. In addition, new smartphones on the network enjoy 50% extra data of any bundle that the clients purchase. 

They can also get unlimited packages at pocket-friendly rates. The free Whatsapp offer has a limit of 50MB. 

The different MTN bundle offers are as follows: 

  • MTN Yamo: with 500 Frs, you get 1GB of data valid for 30 days, and with 1150 frs, you get 2.5 GB.
  • MTN Yamo Mix offers 25000Frs worth of Call Credit to all network operators in Cameroon, 6GB of internet data at uncapped speeds, and Free unlimited SMS to all MTN Numbers

3. Orange

Orange has existed for a long time, and the network has established itself as one of the largest network providers in Cameroon. The network has numerous options for individuals and businesses. 
The network has numerous options for individuals and businesses. 

  • Orange Pulse, which is similar to MTN Yamo. The cheap Orange data plan offers 4.5 GB for 2100 frs and 2.2 GB for 1100 frs. The different Orange bundle offers are as follows:
  • Orange Precious Illimix Bundles are call and data bundles proposed by Orange Cameroon to provide subscribers unlimited calls and internet. They start from 1000 frs.
  • It costs 25000 FCFA to have unlimited Orange internet for 30 days (1 month). The speed is reportedly capped at 2Mbps to 5Mbps.

4. Nexttel

Nexttel is a broadband, and mobile services outfit under Viettel, a Vietnamese telecommunications service provider. 
Nexttel offers flexibility, practicality, convenience, and reliability. The packages offered by this network are ideal for small businesses and home plans. 
The network does not have unlimited data plans. Nexttel's data packages start from 100 Frs.


Netizens searching for the cheapest data bundles in Cameroon can select the package that works for them depending on their personal or business needs. The Cameroon market will continue to see these networks battle to provide the most affordable packages and fast connectivity. published the internet service providers in Cameroon and their rates. 

With the digital revolution, numerous companies have provided internet packages for individuals and businesses. Cameroonians can pick the package that works for them depending on their budget and internet needs. So, who are these service providers? 

Camtel Blue Home tops the list. The telecommunications giant boasts the most widespread network coverage, which makes it accessible to the larger population. MTN Cameroon is another option focusing on affordable business internet solutions. 

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