How To Subscribe To Orange Unlimited Internet (Cost)

 Orange Cameroon has very affordable 4G data plans but some subscribers usually want unlimited 4G internet.

This urge comes as no surprise as there has been a rise in video streaming and online presence in this digital age.

This tutorial shows how to subscribe to Orange Unlimited 4G Internet, the legit way.

How To Subscribe To Orange Unlimited Internet (Cost)

To get unlimited internet on Orange Cameroon, do the following:

  1. Head to an official Orange service center in your locality
  2. Explain to the Orange service agent that you need unlimited 4G internet for a month
  3. You will be switch to the affordable Orange 4G postpaid plan
  4. Insert your activated Orange SIM card in an internet modem to enjoy unlimited Orange internet at 4G speeds.

What is the Cost of Orange 4G Unlimited Internet?

It costs 25000 FCFA to have unlimited Orange internet for 30 days (1 month). The speed is reportedly capped at 2Mbps. However, in our testing, it was very fast for video streaming and demanding tasks.

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