Orange Pulse Code: Cheap Calls, SMS, and 4G Bundles For Youths

All About Orange Pulse Bundles

What is Orange Pulse

Orange Pulse is a tariff plan targeted toward Cameroon's Youth. It is similar to MTN Cameroun's offer for youths termed MTN Yamo (You can check more on that HERE). 

It offers bonuses on calls, SMS, and data plans. However, it was not very popular as MTN Yamo because the latter had more attractive features. It has since gained dominance lately because of its excellent and refreshed offers. 

In this article, I will describe the benefits of Orange Pulse and its tariff plans.

Benefits of Orange Pulse include:

  • Internet Data plans from 50frs.
  • You get unlimited SMS to Orange for 30 days at 400Frs
  • Place calls to all networks in Cameroon from 1000 only, valid for 30 days
  • Orange Fidelity points upon subscription to any Orange service.
  • Music Streaming from 100F on Trace TV
  • No matter the amount you transfer by Orange Money, you pay only 50frs as charges.

How to Join  

  •  Dial  #119# 
  • Select 1 to subscribe
All About Orange Pulse Bundles

Orange Pulse Updated Offers

Orange Pulse Offer
Offer Details
Pulse Cumbo
25000frs for calls to all networks + Unlimited SMS + 6GB of 4G data
30 Days
Pulse 2 Kolo Cent
4,5 GB
30 Days
Pulse Max2talk
10000Frs for calls to all Networks
30 Days
Pulse KoloCent
2.2 GB
30 Days
Pulse FapCent
30 Days
Pulse Texto
Unlimited SMS to Orange
30 Days
Pulse Ngoma
24 Hours
Pulse Night
Unlimited Night Calls
7 Days

Compare with Mtn Yamo to choose which one suits you.

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