How to Remove Annoying CamScanner Video Adverts 2023

Complaints about Camscanner Video Ads have been pouring all over the web from frustrated users. As a blogger, I understand correctly the role advertisements play in life. 

However, this does not have to be for the wrong reasons. For the past month, the excellent document-scanning app CamScanner has received backlash for including loud full-screen video commercials in the app interface.

How to Easily Remove Annoying CamScanner Video Ads

Camscanner is owned by China-based Instig and has since gained immense popularity regarding document scans. 

However, they have steadily taken away features that were otherwise available for free and have now changed its monetization structure to push premium features with monthly and annual subscriptions. 

This has resulted in a lot of complaints, especially among existing users. 
Initially, users needed to pay a one-time fee to enable the CamScanner's complete set of amenities. 

Unfortunately, they have been disappointed to find that many of the features have been lost.
How to Easily Remove Annoying CamScanner Video Ads
Users of the app seemed to cope with that, but this recent change in in-app advertisements has now resulted in the last straw for many. 

Some say an annoying video advert takes up your whole screen when you send a document. The worst thing is that it cannot be closed and makes annoying sounds. Some users also report crazy video games popping up on the screen and producing sounds despite the phone being on silent.

How to Easily Remove Annoying CamScanner Video Ads

How can you Remove the Annoying CamScanner Video Ads?

Concerning pricing for the premium version of Camscanner that can remove ads, there exist two options: the license app (which costs $2) and a Premium subscription ($5 per month or $50 per year). I currently use CamScanner with a license and have not seen ads.

I recommend that people who haven't updated their previous working versions stay on that build while the situation is sorted out. This is a terrible situation, and I think intrusive adverts should not be implemented in whatever form because you have not paid for a premium version of an app.

Below is a link to the app and the $2 licensed version of Camscanner, which removes all ads.
  1. CamScanner  Download Here
  2. $2 Licensed Version:  Download Here
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