10 Common Causes of Road Accidents In Cameroon

This post looks at Cameroon's ten (10) common causes of road accidents. Accidents are unplanned events that lead to undesirable reasons.

Even though accidents are unplanned events, it does not mean that they cannot be prevented. Accidents will likely occur when caution and preventive measures are thrown into the wind.

The rate at which accidents occur in Cameroon today is very alarming; no fewer than 1000 Cameroonians die on roads yearly.

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10 Common Causes of Road Accidents In Cameroon

It is essential to know that apart from the apparent loss of life, accidents can also affect a country's economy regarding insurance coverage and a host of others.

Below are 10 major causes of accidents and how to prevent these accidents from occurring in Cameroon:

1. Poor Functional road network in Cameroon

Many accidental occurrences while driving in Cameroon is as a result of bad roads. Many of our roads are inaccessible, too narrow, not developed, and full of potholes.

Sometimes we drive totally blind at night because there is a lack of street lights. All these contribute to the increase in the accident rate in Cameroon.

The government must fix bad roads, expand routes, and provide street lights to enhance driving safety.

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2. Bad vehicle maintenance culture in Cameroon

Many people fail to engage in simple maintenance checks and servicing of their vehicle, such as the break, tires, steering, etc.

It is essential to check these things because they are significant causes of road accidents, and checking them can prevent the loss of lives and properties.

3. Poor driving behavior

Many Cameroonian usually throw caution into the wind when driving. They drive recklessly, trying to overtake others like it's a car race competition, and also fail to adhere to simple traffic and driving rules and regulations.

Sometimes you see drivers driving in the opposite direction of a road, endangering their lives and that of others. Drivers need to adhere to the rules and regulations governing driving in Cameroon.

4. Lack of proper driving education

Many drivers did not even go through driving school, so they are not well informed about specific driving rules, skills, and safety tips.

This can include using the seatbelt, having a fire extinguisher in your car, checking your vehicle before usage, the right side of the road to overtake, speed limit according to the type of road, and a host of others.

5. Driving under the influence of alcohol and overspeeding

You might have heard this phrase before "don't drink while driving." These are simple safety tips that, when ignored, can lead to catastrophic and devastating accidents.

Driving under the influence can affect the concentration and performance of a driver; this is because drugs like alcohol, marijuana, and a host of others interfere with brain activity.

For instance, when alcohol is taken, the first place it hits is the cerebellum which controls our sense of balance and movement; this is the reason people begin to stagger and lose balance when they are drunk.

It is essential for people who get drunk or are under the influence of drug use not to drive; instead, they call a cab or a friend to move them.

6. Improperly planned road network

Most of our roads in Cameroon are not well planned, so there are few alternative routes to take during traffic congestion.

Another thing is our petroleum tankers or heavy-duty trucks, should not be moving on the road like that because, in advanced countries, they are supposed to move on rails.

More alternative roots should be created, and particular roads should be used to transport certain environmentally hazardous products.

7. Human error and Bad Weather

Many road or air accidents result from bad weather, which the driver can be aware of or not. Driving or flying in cold weather can be a culprit in accidents.

8. Fatigue

It is not uncommon for drivers who drive for an extended period to become tired and exhausted. Still, because they want to get to their destination on time, they push their body over their limits which can be dangerous during driving because a driver could fall asleep while driving, which could cause accidents leading to death, injuries, and property loss.

It is crucial for drivers to always pay attention to their bodies, so when they feel tired, they should find a good spot to park and rest until their body rejuvenates.

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9. Use of mobile devices and gadgets while driving

Despite several warnings from government agencies concerning transportation, people still engage in dangerous behaviors such as making calls when driving, reading and replying to text messages, and driving while watching videos from the car.

This reckless behavior can cause disastrous accidents because even a split-second lack of concentration while driving can have grave consequences.

It is essential to do away with mobile devices and gadgets while driving because this helps the driver focus and drastically reduces the chances of an accidental occurrence.

10. Overspeeding

Have you ever heard the phrase "speed kills"? Except you're a car racer, which you're not, speed kills.

Certain roads or highways have certain set speed limits for your protection, and when disobeyed can lead to accidents because it is not uncommon for a drunk to lose control of a car due to overspeeding. Drivers should avoid going too fast or over the speed limit to prevent losing power while driving.

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