Nexttel TV: Watch TV From Your Home With Free Internet Data

What is Nexttel TV?

Nexttel TV is a platform that enables users to watch local and foreign TV channels live and enjoy thousands of videos on demand (VODs) on their mobile phones.

 Nexttel TV offers a wide selection of TV channels and thousands of on-demand videos (Movies, Series, and Clips). Nexttel TV is similar to Yabadoo, a television subscription-based service by MTN.

Nextel has always offered free data via social media promotions to lure people into using this service. There is no better time than now to benefit from such an offer.

How does the Nexttel TV Service Works?

The Nexttel TV app is available for free download via the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store (iPhone).

Nexttel TV: Watch TV From Your Home With Free Internet Data Channel packages

  1. B1 (International): Vox Africa, Canal 2 International, Russia Today (RT), France 24, DW, RT Documentary, Afrique Media TV.
  2. B2 (Local): CRTV NEWS, Canal 2 International, STV, Boom TV, MBOAMUZIK, 24/7.
  3. B3 (Base): MBOA MUZIK, DBS TV, DW, Canal 2 English, Russia Today (RT), France 24, TV5 Monde Afrique, Boom TV, STV, Canal 2 International, RT Documentary.
  4. B4 (Prestige): CRTV, Stad'Afric, Nina TV, Vision 4, TV5 Monde Afrique, France24, Canal2 International, Afrique Media

Cost of the Nexttel TV Service

1. Live TV

  • B1: 85 FCFA / day; 250 FCFA / week; 700 FCFA / month
  • B2: 80 FCFA / day; 200 FCFA / week; 589 FCFA / month
  • B3: 90 FCFA / day; 300 FCFA / week; 1000 FCFA / month
  • B4: 100 FCFA / day; 500 FCFA / week; 1500 FCFA / month
  • For a television channel: 353 FCFA / month

2. Video on demand (VOD)

  • Clips: 294 FCFA / month
  • Series: 1350 FCFA / month
  • Films: 350 FCFA / content


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