Steps to Open a Driving School in Cameroon (Requirements)

 This definitive guide enumerates the requirements and steps needed to open a driving school in Cameroon.

How profitable is a Driving School business? In this article, we share how you can give driving lessons and pieces of training and get paid for it.

Driving Schools in Cameroon

Do you have superior driving skills and extensive driving experience and are passionate about transferring this skill to others while you make some money? Then you can start driving to school in Cameroon.

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Every year, people buy automobiles to ease their movement. Almost everyone asked knows how to drive in their heads.

Only a few agreed they would need someone to show them how to drive. Whichever way, knowing how to drive in the head is not enough.

They need to be taught physically how to operate an automobile safely.

Operating a manual or an automatically geared designed automobile is really not accessible at first. Everyone had the same experience at some point.

Starting a driving school is one of the untapped business ideas in Cameroon because proper training from driving school experts has made most people good drivers, and that is where you come in.

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What Is A Driving School?

A driving school is an institution where individuals go to learn how to drive appropriately.

What Is a Driving Training School In Cameroon?

In a driving school, people are taught not just how to drive a car but how to obey various road signs and proper driving behavior. Basically, it is a school that teaches driving training and road safety.

Apart from the fact that only very few people can drive a vehicle without being taught, the Ministry of Transport stipulates that no one can get a new driving license without first showing evidence that they have passed driving tests carried out by a registered driving school.

Driving schools is fundamental; they are indispensable in ensuring that our roads are safe to use.

Some are really interested in learning how to drive, and some are learning how to become a pilot in Cameroon.

At the end of this article, you will be enlightened on how to start a driving school in Cameroon.

You will need to be aware of some of the country’s requirements, who is currently providing driver education services in your area, and how to get the word out about your driving school.

Your success is almost inevitable once you get up and running and position your business correctly for your area.

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Reason to Establish Driving School Business

The young adults who have just grown into adulthood are eager to learn how to operate and treat an automobile successfully.

Furthermore, many Cameroonians have cars but may not know basic automobile treatment rules, traffic rules, and signs, which is really important to avoid unnecessary collisions of automobiles and accidents on our roads.

Apart from these, reputable and well-established companies reach out to the driving school to teach their drivers how to operate an automobile successfully and show them traffic rules, signs, and meanings.

Your likely targets are young adults, men, women, police departments, various companies and industries, trucking agencies, etc.

You will also make some money because, in many places, the price for a course of driving instructions runs between 100,000 FCFA and 200,000 FCFA.

How to Start A Driving School in Cameroon?

As a businessman, your ultimate goal should be to be a one-stop facility for all drivers' needs, including registration and licensing.

In this way, the company will offer more excellent perceived value. The following are steps in setting up a driving school business in Cameroon.

Get Trained to Be a Certified Driving School Instructor

Before having your own school, you should show evidence that you have also been trained by a recognized instructor.

There is a common saying that you cannot give what you do not have.

Before you can embark on setting up your own driving school, you must obtain some training concerning how to teach others to drive.

This training is essential irrespective of the fact that you might have long years of driving experience. It will help you be abreast of the latest developments in driving and teach you how to impart knowledge adequately. 

In Cameroon, you need to obtain the CAPEC certificate.

Steps to Open a Driving School in Cameroon (Requirements/Documents)

 Applicants looking to start or open a driving school in Cameroon must provide the following documents:

  1. A stamped application on the regulatory Form;
  2. A Certificate of Non-Conviction (Form No.3) of the promoter or primary manager of less than one (1) month.
  3. A certified copy of the national identity card for natural persons.
  4. Files of driving instructors (two (2) at least) and of the director, including:
  5. A valid certified copy of the driving license for the category taught;
  6. A certificate of competence to teach motor vehicle driving (CAPEC)
  7. A statute for legal persons.
  8. An attestation issued by the Minister in charge of Transport certifying that the instructor has effectively driven for three (3) months without being subject to driving license suspension or withdrawal ;
  9. an ownership title or rental certificate of the furnished premise for driving teaching;
  10. A list of already acquired didactic equipment.

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