Categories Of Driver's License In Cameroon (8 Types)

To get a driving license in Cameroon, you must choose the driver's license's appropriate type or category.

These categories have different advantages and are tailored to other vehicles.

Categories Of Driver's License In Cameroon (8 Types)

Below are the various categories of driver's license in Cameroon:

  1. Category A1
  2. Category A
  3. Category B
  4. Category C
  5. Category D
  6. Category E
  7. Category F
  8. Category G

 Here are the categories and types of vehicles in each category:

  1. Category A1: For driving a motorcycle with or without a sidecar, motor tricycles, and quadricycles with a cylinder capacity exceeding 50 cm3 without exceeding 125 cm3.
  2. Category A: Driving a motorcycle with a cylinder capacity greater than 125 cm3.
  3. Category B: Driving a motor vehicle with an authorized total weight not exceeding 3,500 kgs. It encompasses the transport of persons, including the driver's seat and not more than eight seats. The transportation of goods is also included in this category. A trailer with a maximum authorized weight not exceeding 750 kgs can be attached to this vehicle.
  4. Category C: Driving a single motor vehicle assigned to transporting goods or materials and whose total authorized weight is more significant than 3,500 kg.
  5. Category D: For driving a motor vehicle assigned to the transport of people. This category includes no more than eight seats whose total authorized weight is more significant than 3,500 kgs. Children under 10 count as half a person when the number does not exceed ten. A vehicle in this category can be coupled with a trailer, the permissible total weight of which does not exceed 750 kg.
  6. Category E: For driving motor vehicles of category B, C, or D, coupled to a trailer weighing more than 750 kg. The authorized total weight of the car in this category is more significant than 3,500 kg.
  7. Category F: Vehicles belonging to categories A1, A, and B are driven by persons not deemed fit and specially equipped to take account of their invalidity. This permit is subdivided into FA1, FA, and FB.
  8. Category G: This permit applies to the following motor vehicles: agricultural tractors, public works machinery, or handling machinery.

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