How to Network Unlock a Wiko Phone: Free Code Calculator

 To network unlock a Wiko phone, an unlock code is usually required. Unlock code calculators online, or offline can generate these codes for free. Note that the IMEI of the Wiko mobile device might be necessary.

This guide illustrates how to unlock a Wiko phone for free using an unlock code generated online by our proprietary code calculator.

Requirements to Unlock a Wiko Phone For Free 

  • An active internet connection
  • An alternate sim to trigger the initial process of Wiko network unlocking
  • The Wiko Sim unlock app and code.

How to Network Unlock a Wiko Phone: Free Code Calculator

  1. Download the Wiko SIM/Network Unlock app.
  2. Install and launch the app on your Wiko Smartphone.

  3. Go to the MTK Engineering Mode and click on MTK settings.
  4. Select the Sim Unlock option.

  5. Enter the universal Wiko Unlock Code (87654321).
  6. Click on OK to unlock your Wiko phone for free using the unlock code above.

How to Unlock Wiko Phones Using an IMEI number?

  • Insert a different SIM card (for example, if the original operator is MetroPCS, insert an AT&T or Sprint SIM card).
  • If the SIM card asks for a PIN code, enter the correct PIN.
  • When the message Enter Network Code or Network Unlock Pin appears, you must enter the unlock code (NCK) that we have sent to you by a Wiko phone unlock service and press Ok. 
  • If there is no screen to enter the network unlock code, you must put the original SIM card and dial #987654321#. The unlock screen will pop up.

  • The Wiko phone will be unlocked and never be asked for an unlock code for life.

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What benefits do you get when you unlock Wiko Phones?

  1. You have the advantage of choosing the mobile network you want; it will never be associated with a single network.
  2. You can avoid roaming charges when you travel to another country.
  3. You will have the ease of using one or more sim cards from the country where you are.

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Where do I go to get an unlock code for the Wiko Phones?

Supported Wiko Phone Models For Free Unlock

The following phones from Wiko can be unlocked for free using this tutorial:

  • Wiko Y80
  • Wiko U307AS
  • Wiko Ride 3
  • Wiko Sunny3
  • Wiko View3 Pro
  • Wiko View3
  • Wiko Ride 2
  • Wiko View2 Go
  • Wiko View 2 Plus
  • Wiko View Max
  • Wiko Robby2
  • Wiko Sunny Max
  • Wiko Sunny2
  • Wiko Sunny2 Plus
  • Wiko Tommy
  • Wiko U Feel Lite
  • Wiko U Feel Prime
  • Wiko U316at
  • Wiko Ufeel
  • Wiko Ufeel go
  • Wiko Ufeel fab
  • Wiko Lenny4 Plus
  • Wiko Lenny 4
  • Wiko Lenny3 Max
  • Wiko Kenny
  • Wiko Jerry 2
  • Wiko Harry
  • Wiko Tommy 2
  • Wiko Tommy 2 Plus
  • Wiko Upulse lite
  • Wiko Upulse
  • Wiko WIM Lite
  • Wiko WIM
  • Wiko View
  • Wiko View XL
  • Wiko View Prime
  • Wiko View2
  • Wiko View2 Pro
  • Wiko Sunny 2
  • Wiko Lenny 4
  • Wiko Robby
  • Wiko Tommy 2
  • WIKO Freddy
  • WIKO Fever
  • Wiko Sunny
  • Wiko K-KOOL
  • WIKO Rainbow 4G
  • Wiko Sunset 2
  • Wiko Lenny 3
  • WIKO Lenny 2
  • Wiko Jerry.


Using this code, you are liable to any additional risk associated with performing a phone unlock procedure.

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