ZTE FRP Bypass Tool 2023: Remove Google Account on PC/APK

What is the ZTE Bypass Tool?

The ZTE FRP Bypass Tool is a free Windows PC or Android tool that removes a Google account from a device after an FRP lock. 

After the Android Lollipop update (Android 5.1), Google introduced a new security feature to render a phone unusable in the unfortunate event when the said device is stolen or lost.

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Hence, this security feature protects all the important data on it. However, despite being very useful, this important feature may cause some serious issues and put people in a circumstance in which they need to bypass the imposed Google account verification on the ZTE phone to use the phone.

Requirements to Remove Google Account on ZTE 

  • The ZTE Android phone with FRP Lock
  • A Windows PC (Computer), preferably running Windows 10.
  • Universal ADB drivers to connect the ZTE phone to pc via Fastboot mode.

Download ZTE FRP Bypass Tool 2023 PC and APK Software

The Free Links to the ZTE Bypass tool and ADB drivers are listed below:

How to Bypass Google account verification on ZTE Android Phone Using Fastboot Mode?

  1. Install ADB drivers 
  2. Connect your phone to pc in Fastboot mode
  3. Open the ZTE FRP tool, and press enter
  4. In a few seconds, the FRP lock will be removed once the operation is complete.

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How to Bypass Google account verification on a ZTE Android Phone? (Without PC or Computer)

Below are the instructions to bypass the Google account verification on ZTE phones:

  1. Reset the phone and power it on.
  2. Choose your preferred language, then tap on Start.
  3. Connect the phone to a Wi-Fi Network.
  4. Skip the several steps of the setup until you reach the 'Verify Account' screen.
  5. Tap on the email field to activate the keyboard (Usually SwiftKey).
  6. Select Settings from the menu
  7. From the Settings menu within SwiftKey, select Languages
  8. Minimize the menu on the screen, then go to the Google search bar
  9. When prompted to sign in with a Google Account, choose “No, Thanks.”
  10. In the Google search bar, type “Settings” and select it. 
  11. From the Settings menu, select Backup and Reset
  12. From this submenu, choose Factory Data Reset. Go through the entire process and reset your handset again. However, this time you will not see the FRP lock.

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