Crack/Unlock Nexttel, Camtel, MTN, Orange Internet Key/Modem

How to crack or unlock Nexttel, Camtel, MTN, and Orange internet keys is a common question. 

ISPs usually charge a fee to unlock a modem or an internet key locked to their cellular networks.

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Crack/Unlock Nexttel, Camtel, MTN, and Orange Internet Keys/Modems

This step-by-step guide is all about unlocking or cracking MTN MiFi, Orange 3G dongles, Nexttel, and Camtel keys. 

The most popular Flybox, WiFi boxes, or portable routers or modems in Cameroon are made by Huawei and ZTE. However, unlocking a router or internet box is a different ball game. You will need to boot shot and flash the unit to unlock it. 

These Chinese brands dominate the unexploited 4G market in Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Cote D'Ivoire, etc. A few Yoomee and Vodafone modems do exist, though.

The procedure is relatively straightforward. Popular software like DC-Unlocker does the job, but it is usually a premium or charged service.

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Prerequisites For Unlocking or Cracking a Nexttel, Camtel, MTN, or Orange Internet Key/Modem

Make sure you have the following:

  • The IMEI number of your key because the unlock code will be obtained using this IMEI. 
  • A working laptop powered by Windows.

How to Crack/Unlock a Nexttel, Camtel, MTN, Orange Internet Key, or Modem?

To unlock or crack an internet key or modem for free, do the following:

  1. Download the universal master unlock code generator and Huawei code writer or calculator(Free Link to the software at the bottom of this guide). 
  2. Input the IMEI number or code of the modem or key into the universal master software.
  3. Click on start to generate or get a free unlock code.
  4. Insert a different SIM into the modem or key and input the unlock code when prompted.
  5. Click confirm to unlock or crack your internet key or modem for free. 

Download Internet Key and Modem Unlock Software

  • Download the following software to unlock your internet dongle free via this link.

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