Dating and Marrying a Cameroonian Man: The Ultimate Guide

Dating and marrying a Cameroonian man and marriage customs are imperative when getting into a serious relationship.

How To Know If A Cameroonian Man Is Serious About You?

There sure is something intriguing about Cameroonian men. Local and foreign women are pretty curious about them. Some avoid them totally, and some want to satisfy their curiosity about them. Since Cameroonians are a speck of people you find everywhere in the world, coming across them is not difficult. 

Ladies, who are not familiar with the character of Cameroonian men, may have nagging questions, and some of these questions will be addressed as we go on.

When A Cameroonian Man Calls You Dear

Okay, so you are really into this Cameroonian guy and want to know if he feels what you feel. If you're going to find out about this, you should watch his actions and endearments.

As far as endearments go, 'dear' is one of the most commonly used ones by Cameroonns generally. Usually, if 'dear' is used on you by a Cameroonian man, then chances are he just sees you as a friend and nothing more.

But it could also be that he trying to take things slow. If this is the case, then his endearment should revolve around dear and change as time goes on. He will possibly find you a pet name or some endearment he uses just for you. But as far as the 'dear' endearment goes, it is the most carelessly used one and most often doesn't mean he is interested in you.

How To Know If A Cameroonian Man Is Married

The idea of using a wedding band to identify a married person or that slight tan on the fourth finger of your left hand hardly works with most Cameroonian men because they hardly ever wear their ring long enough to leave any evidence. If you hang around a Cameroonian man long enough, you can often tell him if he is married or not. So how exactly do you get to know if he is married?

He Wears His Ring On A Different Finger

A married Cameroonian man may choose to wear his ring but not his wedding finger. His ring may not even look like your idea of a wedding band. But lookout for any form of a ring. You could also look out for a slight tan on his ring finger. This doesn't mean much because he may not wear his ring long enough to have one, but it's still worth a try.

He Never Lets You Visit

A married man will most likely not let you visit him whenever you want. You may not even know his place, for starters. He would instead meet you at your place or some other location. But should he eventually let you visit, look out for personal effects pictures, property, and stuff he might be trying to hide. If the house appears too bare or impersonal, this should raise your suspicions.

He Ignores Calls

It may not be that he's married. It may mean he is juggling quite a number of you. If he constantly ignores your calls and ignores calls in your presence or answers them without giving away much concern or detail. Then suspect him.

You Have A Visiting Time Table

You are not free to pay him a visit at will if he allows it at all. He gives you specific times when he wants you to visit because he is conveniently hardly ever at home.

You Cannot Reach Him.

A married man will most likely not pick up your calls in the company of his family. So you find that he will prefer to send you a text, or you may be unable to reach him at all, at specific times. If you observe either of these two things, it is right to be suspicious of him.

Dating and Marrying a Cameroonian Man: The Ultimate Guide

How To Deal With A Cameroonian Man?

Dealing with a Cameroonian man requires you to be really smart and know how to choose your battles. If you are new to Cameroonian dating men, these two things are what you should learn.

How To Keep A Cameroonian Man?

Do the following to keep your Cameroonian Man:

Respect Him

If you want to keep a Cameroonian man, the top of your list of things is to be warm, welcoming, and respectful towards him. Cameroonian men are crazy about respect; many view it as an entitlement and not something to be earned.

But either way, to keep a Cameroonian man, you have to respect him in the presence of his friends and in private. When you respect a Cameroonian man, you win him over and win his admiration.

Do not Stalk Him

Avoid stalking him like a crazy person. Being reasonably jealous is allowed, but know where to draw the line. Out rightly, stalking him and demanding he explains his every action with other females all the time gets really old quick. This will quickly tire out a Cameroonian man, and he would begin to disconnect from you.

Be Homely

To keep a Cameroonian man in your life for a long time, you need to know how to organize and maintain a home clean and welcoming. Also, you should know how to cook edible and delicious meals. He may say he really doesn't care, but if he genuinely wants you for keeps, he would require that you know how to Cook.

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He may not expressly say it, but your lack of a homely nature can very well hold him back from proposing. Should another lady who meets this requirement come along, be very sure that your man is gone.

Do not Act Desperate.

Desperation can be picked even from a distance. Cameroonian men will either prey on a desperate female or run away altogether. Unnecessarily pressuring a Cameroonian man will eventually become too exhausting for him, and he will leave. Let things flow naturally, and don't be too in a hurry. If items take too long, then move on to find what you really seek.

What To Expect When Dating A Cameroonian Man?

The first thing to prepare for is his general lack of romance and chivalry. He won't send you random romantic notes or bring you breakfast in bed, nor will he surprise you with flowers or dinner after work. He may not open doors for you. He may walk through the door before you. You will most definitely spread the car door by yourself.

But make no mistake, if he genuinely loves you, he will make an effort to show you in his own way. A Cameroonian man may not offer you he loves you in the way you expect, but the sincere ones treat their women quite well.

If you are with a Cameroonian man, you belong to his friends and family. If he is serious about you, expect to meet his friends and family. Expect to appear at family functions and be smoldered by his many family members, and if you are accepted by them, you will most likely have to visit, make calls to his family, and receive the same from them.

When you have a Cameroonian man around, you should realize their quite proud species or men who find it challenging to accept fault or apologize for an offense. Now note, most times, a Cameroonian boyfriend who has offended you most likely isn't going to say I'm sorry.

Cameroonian men do not apologize with words but for their actions. This is how you get to know he is saying sorry for an offense.

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Questions To Ask When Dating A Cameroonian Man

  • Is he mature-minded? Does he take the relationship seriously enough? These are questions you should first ask yourself. Is he the type to be open to commitment, or is he still too busy playing around? Do you notice growth in your relationship? Are our future plans being discussed and taking shape?
  • Questions about him should be: Is he divorced or has a baby mama, and can you permanently live with such arrangement. Ask and find out seriously about these things, so you don't spend your time fighting unnecessary battles and living in regret.
  • What are his mapped-out plans for the future? Does his attitude and behavior pattern fall in line with yours? These are essential questions that should be answered in all sincerity.

Are Cameroonian Men Sneaky?

Generally, men can be pretty sneaky in their dealings, and Cameroonian men are no different. But if a Cameroonian man is too sneaky, that's a huge challenge. It means he has something big to hide. When he is sneaky about his whereabouts, where he is, where he went, his personal devices and such, you should watch out something is definitely not right.

Suspect the guy. When you don't know where he lives, his friends and family, his job and things like that. You have been around him a while and find you know nothing concrete about him. These are sure ways to identify a sneaky Cameroonian guy.

Cameroonian Men In The USA and UK: Are They Faithful?

This is one of the most asked questions about Cameroonian diaspora men. And the truth is that while there are a few exceptions, Cameroonian men in the US are hardly ever faithful. Cameroonian men are known to be desperate enough to date and marry American women to gain a permanent stay. So being faithful is not really a priority for them.

A Cameroonian man may even have a wife and kids back home. And he may just be using you. Be wise enough to identify this kind of Cameroonian man. To be safe, be suspicious of all Cameroonian men until you prove beyond every doubt that he isn't just using you.

There are also those few Cameroonian men who genuinely like you and are willing to faithfully commit. But remember, this kind is scarce.

Most Cameroonian men are in America for greener pastures, become permanent residents, and generally make as much money as possible. Fidelity is not on the list.

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