Cost and How to Start a Restaurant Business in Cameroon 2024

Starting a fast food or a restaurant business in Cameroon and the associated cost and requirements are essential to note when embarking on such a business venture.

It is no longer news that people are now diving into personal businesses. Deservedly, running your own business not only gives you the independence and freedom most people crave but also allows you to get an extra source of income that can comfortably make you a millionaire, depending on how you take the business.

A variety of business ideas have sprung up over the years. While some of these businesses might not have been as productive as expected, others have been widely successful and have drawn much positive attention recently, including the restaurant and fast food business.

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Starting a Restaurant Business in Cameroon in 2024 - What You Should Know!

The restaurant business is widely regarded as one of Cameroon's most lucrative industries today. 

The business rarely experiences poor sales when planned and executed well, mainly because of a limitless target market. 

Think about it like this, everyone eats, everyone needs a place to eat, and irrespective of the location, there is always somebody ready to buy food and eat. 

Everyone is busy these days and people rarely have that time to cook in their houses. Therefore, they settle for restaurants around them, hence the ever-increasing demand for fast food restaurants.

Anyone can open a restaurant business in Cameroon. As much as you have your capital and other things in place, creating a restaurant or fast food should not be such a big deal. 

The big question now is, how much does it actually cost to start the restaurant business in Cameroon? 

This comprehensive guide will examine the processes involved and how much it costs to start a restaurant. We will critically analyze the things involved and factors you need to consider before actually starting the business.

Cost and What it Takes to Start a Restaurant in Cameroon?

Have you ever heard the statement "ideas are seldom enough"? That is as true as it sounds. Ideas sell, but actions bring money. 

Are you planning on starting a restaurant in Cameroon? There are certain things to consider. Starting a restaurant business can be stressful. It is one of the most stressful companies you can venture into, but it is worth it. The firm is also one of the most lucrative and offers a tangible profit.

Getting the exact estimate of how much you will need to start a restaurant business can be difficult. This is because many factors are involved in estimating the overall prices. This largely depends on the scale of business you are considering, whether a small-scale or large-scale restaurant. 

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Restaurant or Fast Food Business in Cameroon?

On average, you can start a standard restaurant business in Cameroon with about 1500000 FCFA. Although you will likely spend more, it gives you a safe ground, to begin with. Let us look at the breakdown of the processes involved and a rough estimate of starting a restaurant in Cameroon today.

How to Start a Restaurant Business in Cameroon?

To start a lucrative and successful fast food or restaurant business in Cameroon, do the following:

  1. Determine the Type of Restaurant You Want.
  2. Write a Business Plan and Raise Capital.
  3. Get a Good Location.
  4. Comply with TaxPayer and Business or Company Registration formalities in Cameroon.
  5. Employ Excellent and Experienced Workers
  6. Get the Necessary Equipment to begin your restaurant business.

1. Determine the Type of Restaurant You Want

This is where the planning starts. There are different restaurants, and you must decide which precisely targets the most significant market. 

You can decide to start a fast-food restaurant, a quick-service restaurant, a casual dining restaurant, a fine dining restaurant, or an ethnic restaurant. 

It is also essential to consider your location before deciding which type of restaurant pulls the most prominent target market.

2. Write a Business Plan and Raise capital

If you do not have the capital to start the business yet, you must raise funds to start the business. It is always advisable to have a rough estimate to know how much you need to start the company instead of getting stuck. 

The following points highlight how much you will likely need to set up a traditional restaurant in Cameroon. Business plans help you organize your plans in the simplest of fashions. 

They also help you when raising funds for your business. Your business plan should highlight how you intend to run your business, your target markets, how you intend to set up your business, and much more relevant information.

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3. Get a Good Location

This is arguably the most crucial part of setting up a restaurant business in Cameroon. Believe it or not, location matters. 

In fact, your restaurant's location has everything to do with how you attract your target market. Get a place close to your target market to make sales more realistic. 

It is difficult to estimate how much you need to get a place. It depends on how big the place is and the location. Stores, houses, and halls are more expensive in certain parts of the country than in other parts.

4. Comply with TaxPayer and Business or Company Registration formalities in Cameroon

Get your business or company duly registered to avoid scuffles with government authorities in Cameroon. Also, obtain an attestation of taxpayers' registration online for free. You can read more about the Cameroon TIN or Taxpayer's Identification Number here.

5. Employ Excellent and Experienced Workers

Even if you are directly involved in operations, you still need workers. The number of workers you need depends on your plan for the restaurant and how big it is—a minimum of five workers for a start. This team must include at least one chef.

6. Get the Necessary Equipment

Get all the kitchen equipment and appliances you need to start the business. There are different types of appliances, and the kind you use depends on the type of restaurant you are running and your menu. 

Set your menu according to the type of restaurant you are starting, and get the necessary equipment. Based on past experiences, the minimum amount to plan for restaurant equipment is 500000 FCFA.


Once you follow the above steps to set up a Cameroon restaurant. 

Based on the analysis above, starting a restaurant business varies based on the type of restaurant. Fast food restaurants are usually the most expensive to create. 

Other restaurants also have their share of stress but are still relatively more straightforward than setting up a fast-food restaurant. 

Irrespective of the restaurant type, one can start a traditional restaurant with less than two million Francs CFA.

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