How To Start A Small Business In Cameroon (Practical Guide)

 Starting a small business in Cameroon involves challenges such as capital and business location concerns. 

Nowadays, it is easy to start a small business and start earning money in Cameroon. Online advertising on Social media and creating a small blog or a Google My Business listing is an additional advantage.


Starting a restaurant, fast food business, or real estate venture is as easy as it seems. A well-managed small business venture can make you rich in Cameroon.

How to Start a Business In Cameroon

Starting a Cameroon business takes significant time and money from the initial idea phase to the final launch.

Although some parts of the process will be unique to your individual business, there are many commonalities that most entrepreneurs experience as they go about starting their businesses. This guide has broken down the five initial steps you'll want to take as you create your own business.

We've also provided various resources, so you can access more information as you progress through different stages of the process.

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How To Start A Successful Small Business In Cameroon (5 Steps)


Here are the five (5) actionable steps you should take to start a small business in Cameroon:

  1. Research and Choose a Business Idea
  2. Start Your Business Planning
  3. Make Your Business Official
  4. Get Funding and Organize Your Finances
  5. Launch and Grow Your Small Business

Let me explain the five steps above in detail:

1. Research and Choose a Business Idea

To determine what kind of business you want to start, you need to perform adequate research about a potential idea, considering things like market demand, target audience, competition, and more.

You will also want to consider your existing skills and how they may play into your business idea, startup costs, industry, resources, and any opportunities you might have to test your hypothesis before bringing it to market.

2. Start Your Business Planning

Adequate planning is critical to ensure that you set your business up for success.

First, you will want to choose your business name and make sure it is legally available. 

Next, you will want to draft and finalize your business plan.

As you write your business plan, one of the most important steps will be deciding your business's legal structure

Your legal structure, also called your business entity type, will determine how your business is organized and taxed. You may want to consult with an attorney, accountant, or tax professional during this step.

3. Make Your Business Official

To make your business official (and legal), most entity types will need to register with their region. You can register at the delegation of small and medium-sized enterprises in any region or town in Cameroon.

Additionally, although there will be some variation based on location and industry, you'll likely need a business license or permit to operate legally.

Next, you must apply for an employer identification number, a Tax Identification Number in Cameroon. Your TIN, also known as your business tax ID number, will be used for tax purposes.

A TIN is also helpful when applying for a bank account, business loan, or credit card.

4. Get Funding and Organize Your Finances

It can be more difficult for new businesses to access financing than established companies. However, various options are still available, especially if you have a solid business idea and a thorough business plan.

In addition to looking for and applying for funding, you'll also want to take initial steps to organize and manage your finances. You might start the process by:

  • Opening a bank account and getting a business credit card
  • Creating a business budget
  • Choosing a business accounting software
  • Finding a business accountant or bookkeeper

5. Launch and Grow Your Operation

You are officially ready to open for business! Now, your next steps will likely depend on your individual business: 

Do you need to find a location? Negotiate with your suppliers? Develop a marketing strategy? 

Contact Confident Real Estate Cameroon For Your Ideal Business location and business advice.

Remember that you have your business plan to guide you through the next steps in the process as you navigate running and operating your small business. 

How Much Do You Need To Start A Small Business In Cameroon

The startup capital of a small business in Cameroon varies. It generally requires 25000FCFA to 100000FCFA to kick start a small business. After that, looking for investors to add more capital to your business is the key.


The initial steps involved with starting a business are essentially the same regardless of the type of business you want to create.

You just need to start with the first step and continue relentlessly. Good luck as you start your small business in Cameroon!

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