Convert Facebook Mobile Link to Desktop 2023: Request Desktop Site on Phone

 Converting a Facebook mobile link to a fully functional desktop link can be helpful in specific scenarios. 

For example, the desktop version of Facebook has more media (picture and video) controls, and you can easily comment on your exciting topics or events. 

Furthermore, you can keep watching videos on your Android device or iPhone while scrolling without interruptions. You could also want to explore a friend's complete profile without the caveats of using the mobile edition of Facebook.

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How to Convert Facebook Mobile Link to Desktop: Request a Desktop Site on Your iPhone or Android?

To Convert a Facebook mobile link to a desktop link on an iPhone or Android phone, do the following:

  1. Using a web browser on your phone, say Google Chrome, open the Facebook mobile link you want to convert or request the Desktop version. Let's use this URL as an example, ' or', as the link to the converted.
  2. Change the letters 'm' or 'mobile' to 'www' as shown in the example above. 
  3. Your new Facebook link will be ' or'

  4. That is your new and converted desktop link to request or open a mobile Facebook URL on your phone (iPhone or Android).

Alternative Way to Request Facebook Desktop View on Mobile

Alternatively, you can change your browser's mobile agent from mobile to PC (Windows) or Mac to force Facebook to show its complete version on your mobile device. 

The following Apps can easily change the string of your mobile agent for free:

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