How to Reverse MTN Mobile Money Transfer in Zambia Quickly

 Here is how to reverse a wrong MTN Mobile Money Transaction or transfer in Zambia. Virtually, the concept of MTN Mobile Money and other mobile money platforms have, in many ways, affected our lives digitally.

Irrespective of your location in Zambia, one can send and receive money to you without having to travel to and from banks.

Even though this technology has come to make life easy, Mobile Money also has disadvantages. One of these cons is the possibility of sending money to the wrong recipient.

Rest assured, this is neither a death sentence nor does it imply all hopes are gone. These Mobile Money services providers provided solutions to such situations.

And this is what this article is all about; helping you reverse any unintended transaction on an MTN Mobile Money wallet. These are the steps to help you reverse any of these transactions:

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How to Reverse Wrong MTN Mobile Money Transaction or Transfer in Zambia?

To reverse a wrong MTN Momo transaction (money sent by mistake) or transfer in Zambia and get your money refunded, do the following:

  1. Dial the MTN Zambia MoMo Customer Care number or helpline via 215 within the first 48 hours after you made the transaction.
  2. Select your preferred language, e.g English.
  3. Wait for the voice prompt to select the appropriate Mobile Money option
  4. Choose the Wrongful Mobile Money Transaction option.
  5. Next, select the ‘Speak to an Agent’ option
  6. After you are connected with an agent, describe your situation to the agent.
  7. Make mention of the original account you intended to transfer the money to.
  8. State the wallet or account you mistakenly sent the money and other transaction details.
  9. Mention the exact amount transferred and the details of yourself as written on your National ID card.
  10. After going through these steps, your situation will be resolved, and a reversal message would be sent to the person within 48 hours. You should have your money back in your wallet once the MTN authorizes the reversal.

Another Method to Reverse an MTN Mobile Money Transfer: The ‘Peer To Peer’ Reversal Method

You may try the Peer-to-Peer reversal method if the initial method above did not work out. 

In this type of reversal, it is more about luck and how well you can have the person reverse the money. These steps will guide you out to successfully have the person reverse your money after an erroneous transaction:

  1. From the transaction message, get the number you wrongly transferred the money to.
  2. Confront the person through a call and explain to them exactly what happened.
  3. Play a very calm game to avoid any suspicions of fraud.
  4. Ask them to verify your explanation by checking out the transaction message as well as their accounts.
  5. Politely ask them to send back your money to your MoMo account. You can motivate them by offering to tip them off from the total amount as an appreciation.
  6. Taking out these steps very carefully could result in the person sending back your money as soon as they confirm that the money has been sent to their accounts mistakenly.

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To prevent any of these situations in the first place, the best thing you can do is to double-check the recipient’s number and name before finalizing the transaction.

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