How to See Photos & Watch Videos on Facebook Free Mode 2024

What is Facebook Free Mode?

Facebook Free Mode, also called “Free Basics,” is a service that offers zero data connection to Facebook at the expense of no photos, pictures, or videos being loaded. 

Why was Facebook Free Mode Introduced and How Does it Work?

It was introduced by a partnership between Facebook and mobile network operators to allow subscribers to switch seamlessly between free and data modes. This makes it possible for them to post, chat, comment, like, or share content for free with family and friends online.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) understand how it feels to own a smartphone without any data bundle. Hence, they introduced the Free Basics feature on Facebook to ensure everyone can still chat and connect with friends on Facebook, even without an active data bundle.

The Limitations of Facebook Free Mode

However, this free feature has some limitations: you will not see photos or watch videos. 

Well, relax; in this tutorial, you will learn how to see pictures and watch videos using the free mode built-in to Facebook.

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Requirements to See Photos and Watch Videos on Facebook Free Mode

  • A smartphone that runs Android or iOS.
  • The Facebook Lite App, and not the Official Facebook app. Download the Facebook Lite for Android via this link and iOS (iPhone) via this direct link
  • A 'Free basics' supported SIM network in your country such as MTN, Orange, Safaricom, Tigo, Airtel, etc.
  • A good and well-established internet connection.

Now that you have all the things you require to see photos and videos on Facebook.'s free mode, let’s get started.

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How to See Photos and Watch Videos on Facebook Free Mode? (2024 Facebook Lite Method)

Here is the step by step guide to see photos and watch videos for free when using the Free Mode on Facebook:

  1. Switch on your mobile data connection.
  2. Open the Facebook Lite App and enter your login details or credentials.
  3. Next, switch to free mode after logging in.
  4. Force close the app and force it to stop abruptly. 
  5. Go to 'Settings - Applications - Facebook Lite - Clear data' to clear the Facebook app data.

  6. Open Facebook Lite App again.
  7. This time you will be presented with two options to choose from either data mode or free mode. In case the app fails to open, close it and open it again.
  8. The Facebook Lite app will open automatically switched to data mode. That is all! You are now ready to use the free mode on Facebook to see photos and watch videos without paying for data.

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This simple tutorial makes it easy to watch videos and browse through pictures or photos on Facebook without a data bundle.

Do not forget to share this post with your friends and family on Facebook using Free mode now so they can enjoy seeing photos and watching videos again even without internet data plans.

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