How to Get Free Internet in Cameroon on All Networks (2024)

 Getting free internet in Cameroon on all networks is usually a daunting task. The main Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Cameroon are MTN, Orange Cameroon, Nexttel, Camtel, and Yoomee. 

Amongst these ISPs, Cameroonians regularly search the web for free ways to surf without data bundles. 

This article enumerates the various means of obtaining free internet among these network operators and the applications used to browse for free.

Common Applications Used to Get Free Internet Connection in Cameroon

The apps used to obtain free internet connection in Cameroon are as follows:

  1. Psiphon
  2. SecureTun
  3. K-Phon
  4. Anonytun
  5. Droid VPN 
  6. HTTP Injector

Ways Used to Obtain Free Internet 

The following methods are employed to obtain internet for free everywhere:

  1. Proxy and open ports
  2. Host method
  3. Open port scanning
  4. Host method (deep web method)
  5. Reverse host method
  6. Package Subscription  method
  7. Connection to Free pages provided by ISPs.

How to Get Free Internet in Cameroon on All Networks (MTN, Orange, Nexttel, Camtel, and Yoomee)?

Click on the corresponding links below to learn how to obtain free internet access on all networks in Cameroon:

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