How to Get Free Internet Bundles on Telkom Kenya For Life Code

   Getting free internet on Telkom Kenya is relatively easy. However, free internet tricks or hacks are usually short-lived and are valid while they last.

temogroup readers in Kenya now have a free unlimited Internet browsing trick or hack that they can use for the year 2021.

How Does the Free Internet on Telkom Kenya Work?

The free Internet trick is achieved using the Telkom Madaraka Life bundle, which is similar to the Safaricom Educational bundle. This bundle provides Telkom users with free Internet access when activated properly. The good thing is this free internet valid for life (unlimited). That is, you don't need to activate any settings after doing this configuration.

This trick's free Internet configuration is relatively simple and does not require a lot of expertise from the end-user. 

No configuration file is required so these trick settings. So it can be used on iPhones, Android, and Windows PC.

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Requirements to Get Free Internet on Telkom Kenya

The following are required to obtain free internet access on Telkom Kenya:

  • A Telkom sim card with Ksh 100 credit.
  • A Smartphone (Android, iOS) or PC.

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How to Get Free Internet on Telkom Kenya? (2021 Trick)

To get free unlimited internet on Telkom Kenya, do the following:

  1. Dial the USSD code *444*58#.
  2. dial the number 1 and Click on OK to confirm your subscription to the Telkom free-for-life internet bundle.

  3. Tap on 'Connect' to browse and enjoy your 1GB of data bundle every month for free on Telkom Kenya (Unlimited internet access).

Miscellaneous Tricks on How to Get Free Internet on Telkom

  • Dial the code *544# on Fridays only to get a Whooping 60GB of free data valid one month on Telkom with free Telkom calls for 1000 Kenyan shillings only (Telkom Freedom Bundles).

  • Also, dial the code *544*1*3# to get a Whooping 3GB of free data valid one month on Telkom with free Telkom calls. (Telkom Mambo Bundle)
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