Newly Launched Medicine Concours in Cameroon 2024

 Newly launched medicine Concours in Cameroon in Cameroon is usually a subject of discussion after the publication of Cameroon GCE board examination results.

Newly Launched Medicine Concours in Cameroon 2024

The recently launched competitive exam to get into medical training is a dream for most science students who have passed the GCE Advanced Level. If these students pass and become medical doctors in Cameroon, they could be eligible for further medical specialization.

Intake of the Cameroon National Qualifying Competitive Exam

The national qualifying examination for the admission of nine hundred and sixty (960) successful students into the first year of medical, pharmaceutical, and dentistry studies in medical state universities and authorized private higher education institutions has been launched for the academic year 2023/2024. 

This number is distributed as follows:

Distribution of StudentsMedicinePharmacyDentistry
Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (FMBS) University of Yaounde I.1403060
Faculty of Medicine and PharmaceuticalSciences (FMPS) University of Douala.1006000
Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) University of Buea.800000
Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS)University of Bamenda.600000
Faculté de Médecine et des Sciences Pharmaceutiques (FMSP) Université de Dschang.502500
Higher Institute of Health Sciences (HIHS) Bangangté. 906560
Faculté de Médecine et des Sciences Biomédicales (FMSB) de Garoua.600000
Higher Institute of Medical Technologies (HIMT) Nkolondom-Yaoundé.500000
School of Health and Medical Sciences CATUC of Kumbo.300000

How to Register or Apply For the Medicine Concours in Cameroon?

Candidates who which to register or apply for the medical training exam in Cameroon must do the following:
  1. Assemble or compile  the complete application files
  2. Deposit the complete files or dossier at a chosen university.
  3. Sit for and pass the medicine competitive exam (Concours).

1. Assemble or Compile the Complete Application Files

The complete application files shall be comprised of the following documents:

  • An individual information sheet duly filled by the candidate to be downloaded from the sites www.Concours-mé and The form shall be printed by the candidate.
  • 4 color passport size photographs with the names of the candidate at the back.
  • A certified true copy of the required certificate for the national examination.
  • A certified true copy of the birth certificate of fewer than 6 months.
  • A medical certificate attesting that the person concerned is fit to study medicine.
  • A Baccalaureate or GCE A-Level transcript.
  • A Probatoire or GCE O-Level transcript.
  • The receipt of payment of the sum of twenty thousand (20,000) FCFA as registration fees for the examination, bearing the field of study, to the address of the Financial Agent of the Department of University Accreditations and Quality (DAUQ), issued from any Express Union branch to Express Union Warda Branch, Yaounde, Cameroon.
  • Two duly stamped self-addressed envelopes.

2. Deposit the complete files or dossier at a chosen university

The completed application files shall be deposited latest 16th October 2021 in the following institutions:
  • Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the University of Yaounde I.
  • Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Bamenda
  • Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Douala.
  • Faculty of Health Sciences of University of Buea
  • Higher Teachers’ Training School of the University of Maroua
  • Faculty of Sciences of the University of Dschang.
  • Faculty of Science of the University of Ngaoundere.
  • Governor’s Office Bertoua, East Region
  • Governor’s Office Garoua, North Region.
  • Branch of the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences of the University of Dschang, Ebolowa.

3. Sit for and pass the medicine competitive exam (Concours)

Only candidates who register online are eligible to deposit their complete application file shall in the above institutions.

These candidates will then be allowed to write the exam with their national identity card. Furthermore, examination centers shall be created by a press release by the Minister of Higher Education.

Also, note that each candidate should compulsorily sit for the examination in the center attached to the place where they submitted the file.
Successful candidates are admitted into the college of medicine only after sitting and passing the medical Concours.

Requirements For the National Medical Training Exam or Concours in Cameroon (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Eligible candidates for the entrance into the first year shall be aged twenty-three (23) years at most as of 1 January of the year of the examination.
  • Admission into the first year of training of medical doctors in public and private institutions of Higher Education shall be open to Cameroonians of both sexes and shall be written in one session.
  • Foreign candidates whose applications are forwarded through the diplomatic channel may also be admitted through the study of files within the limits of places available.

The national qualifying examination shall be reserved for holders of the following certificates:

  • Baccalaureate of the General Secondary Education in series C or D.
  • General Certificate of Education passed according to specified requirements and in the following subjects: GCE Advanced Level in Biology and Chemistry; GCE O-Level in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics or Mathematics.
  • Any other certificate recognized as equivalent by the Minister of Higher Education.
 A candidate shall only sit for three successive competitive examinations.

How is the Written Exam into Medical Training Organized in Cameroon?

The written examination shall consist of the following papers for a duration of three hours.

Field/Subject TestedMedicinePharmacyDentistry (Odontostomatology)
BiologyCoefficient 2Coefficient 1Coefficient 2
PhysicsCoefficient 1Coefficient 1Coefficient 1
ChemistryCoefficient 1Coefficient 2Coefficient 1
  • Each paper for the written examination shall be graded from zero (0) to one hundred (100). 
  • Any mark lower than twenty (20) scored during the written paper shall be eliminatory.
  • The national examination program shall be that of the baccalaureat in series C/D or GCE A-Level in biology, chemistry, and physics. 
  • The general knowledge paper shall focus on general knowledge, logic, and French or English.
  • After the study of files and at the end of the written examination, the jury appointed by the Minister of Higher Education shall draw a list of successful candidates in the national qualifying examination in order of merit.
  • The final results shall be published through a press release by the Minister of Higher Education.
 In any case, admission cannot be deferred from one year to another.
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