How to Activate Orange Internet: Code to Activate Orange Credit

 It is now easier to activate Orange internet bundles or Orange credit on mobile and modems. Previously, this was not the case, as many users did not have a clue or had to call customer service. 

Orange Cameroon owns a significant market share in the telecommunication market in Cameroon. In fact, they compete directly with MTN to provide 4G and, eventually, 5G connectivity in Cameroon. 

This article summarises the steps and the code to activate Orange internet bundles.

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How to Activate Orange Internet - Code to Activate Orange Credit

To activate Orange Internet or Orange credit, do the following:

  1. Dial the code #145# or #111*0#.
  2. Select the corresponding orange internet offer or bundle that suits your needs. The charge for the internet must not exceed the amount of credit in your principal balance.
  3. Choose between the available daily, weekly, and monthly Orange packages or bundles.
  4. Now click on "OK" to activate your Orange internet or Orange credit.

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How to Recharge or Buy Orange Credit Online

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