Orange Cameroon Call Bundles & Codes (Day, Week, Month)

 Orange Cameroon Call Bundles have evolved over the years to provide the best voice daily, weekly, and monthly voice packages for Orange subscribers.

These call plans incorporate SMS bundles to stay connected with your loved ones without worrying about membership networks such as Mtn or Nexttel.

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Orange Cameroon Call Bundles & Codes (Day, Week, Month)

The three call bundles on the Orange Cameroon network are as follows:

  1. Orange Plenty
  2. Orange Flexi
  3. Orange Precious Illimix

1. Orange Plenty

With Plenty, you no longer need to worry about huge fees!

How to benefit from the Orange Plenty tariff plan?

  • If you are an Orange subscriber, dial the code #141# and subscribe to a Plenty package (from 250 FCFA)

Bundles Included in Orange Plenty

a. Classic packages

A simple and economic weekly package

  • 10 minutes to all networks
  • 10 SMS to all networks
  • Pass valid for 7 days (500 F)

b. Fun Plan 

The best plan for 'calls", texting, and surfing.

  • Free and unlimited 9 p.m.-midnight: calls to the preferred number and all SMS to Orange
  • Internet and social networks (Facebook and Twitter) offered (up to 100 MB)
  • Package available per day (250 F) and per week (1,000 F)

c. Smart  Call Plan: 

To make unlimited calls and grow your business.

  • Up to 45 minutes to all national networks and 15 minutes to international
  • Free and unlimited calls to the preferred Orange number (5 am-9pm)
  • Package available per day (500 F) and per week (2000 F)

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d. Relax  Call Bundle: 

To communicate freely to all national and international destinations.

  • Up to 100 minutes to all national networks, 30 minutes to international, and 300MB of the Internet.
  • Super unlimited 24/7: SMS to Orange and preferred number
  • Package available per day (1,000 F) and per week (5,000 F)

Orange Plenty Call Bundle or Plan Validity

  1. The "Day" passes (Fun 250, Smart 500, and Relax 1000) are valid on the day of subscription and until 11.59pm.
  2. The "Week" packages (Classic 500, Fun 1000, Smart 2000, and Relax 5000) are valid for 1 week from the date of the subscription (i.e., 7 days of validity).

2. Orange Flexi

  • Calling, surfing, and chatting have never been easier. 
  • Discover Flexi, Orange Cameroon's all-in-one personalized plans by dialing the code #131*6#.
  • With extended validity and adapted to your needs, Flexi packages offer you simplicity and flexibility.

3. Orange Precious Illimix

The Orange Precious Illimix is the most recent call and SMS bundle offered by Orange Cameroon. The plan has very cheap unlimited call offers. 
Discover more about Orange Illimix here.

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