Orange Cameroon SMS Bundles & Codes (Unlimited Activation)


What is an Orange Cameroon SMS Bundle?

An Orange SMS bundle is an SMS plan that provides flexibility and the ability to reach out to friends and colleagues anytime via text.

With Orange Unlimited text, there is no limit to the number of SMSes you send. 

Do more productive work by selecting an SMS bundle that fits your needs: Pick your preferred unlimited bundle from the list of daily, weekly, and monthly SMS plans or packages available.

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How to Subscribe to Orange Cameroon SMS Bundle Service?

  • To subscribe to an Orange SMS Unlimitext bundle, dial the code *131*1#

How to Unsubscribe to Orange Cameroon SMS Bundle Service?

  • Dial *131*0# to unsubscribe from the service

All Orange Cameroon SMS Bundles and Codes

Below are all Orange Cameroon SMS packages summarized in the table:

SMS BundleSMS Activation CodeValidityCost
SMS Pack Daily*131*1*1#24 hours100 FCFA 
SMS Pack Weekly*131*1*2#7 Days250 FCFA
SMS PackMonthly*131*1*3#30 Days450 FCFA

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