Orange Cameroon International Bundles and Call Rates

Following the hype of Orange Pulse, Orange Cameroon has decided to provide subscribers an unlimited call and internet option. This tariff plan is dubbed the Orange Precious Illimix.

What are Orange Precious Illimix Bundles?

These are call and data bundles proposed by Orange Cameroon to provide its subscribers unlimited calls and internet.
Because your life is abundant in actions and needs, you demand the best of yourself and your activity. This is why Orange offers you the Precious Packages to help you stay one step ahead in your daily challenges.

What are the Advantages of the Precious Illimix Tariff

With Precious illimix plans, enjoy unlimited calls to all your Orange numbers and boost your performance as follows:

  • Unlimited calls to your Orange numbers
  • Internet volume offered
  • Dedicated communication credit to all other operators

How to Subscribe to Orange Precious Illimix Tariff Bundles

  • Dial the code # 140 * 111 # on your phone
  • Quickly discover your various Precious illimix packages.

Cost and Validity of Orange Precious Illimix Bundles

Many subscribers of Orange Cameroon are unaware of the benefits associated with the international call packages. Both prepaid and postpaid subscribers can subscribe to this offer. Its competitor, Mtn Cameroon, also offers a similar international bundle package with more varied options.

Who are eligible for the Orange Cameroon International  Call Bundle

At Orange, the world is yours! Call and send SMS across the globe at desirable prices. It is available for the following:

  • Prepaid customers without deposit,
  • Postpaid customers have to make a deposit of 100000 Francs.

What is the cost of the Package?

The cost for international calls varies for prepaid and postpaid subscribers as follows:

1. Prepaid Subscribers

Prepaid Subscribers
All countries (mobile & fixed)5 FCFA / sec
1 preferred number (mobile or landline from any country)2F / sec
Thuraya18F / sec
Special numbers80F / sec
Satellite80F / sec

2. Postpaid Subscribers

Postpaid & unlimitedMix Crop
Zone 1: France, USA, India, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, China, Spain, Nigeria99F / mn indivisible99F / mn indivisible
Zone 2 *: Central Africa and West Africa149F / mn (1st indivisible mn then divisible the 30s)149F / mn (1st indivisible mn then divided the 20s)

* Zone 2: Benin, Burkina Faso, CAR, Chad, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali, Niger, DRC, Sao Tome & Principe, Senegal, Togo.

Code to Access All Orange International  Call Bundles

  • Dial code #181# from any phone to access all orange international call tariffs.
  • Select 3 to access all international locations
  • Dial the corresponding number to activate the region of your choice, e.g., 5 For Nigeria, Germany, and other eligible countries.

Orange Favourite International Number

This service allows you to have a preferred number internationally and to benefit from a preferential rate for this number.

How to subscribe?

  1. The prepaid subscriber calls 915 to subscribe to the service,
  2. He or she selects 3 to access the Orange "Preferred or Favourite international number" service.
  3. Subscribing to the service is free and changing the preferred number internationally costs 250 Francs CFA.

What is the Call Rate to your Favorite International Number

It costs 2 Francs CFA per second to a mobile or landline from any country.

  • Bundles are accessible for 1000 Francs. 
  • Packages are valid from 3 to 30 days.

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