Guide to Post Template in Blogger BlogSpot: Create and Edit

Have you ever noticed an optional Post Template option in Blogger dashboard Settings? This guide discusses how you can create and use post templates for Blogger and gives an insight into how it can make your work so much easier.

Create, Edit, and Use Post Template in Blogger

What is a Post Template?

A blog post template shows the structure to follow when writing a blog post. A blog post template further eases your approach to writing helpful content for your target audience effortlessly and conveniently.

By using Post templates, you can create a pre-format for your blog posts,

Generally, the post templates are simple HTML coding. But you need to know HTML. I will show you the easiest method to create an HTML template without coding knowledge.

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Types of Blogs that Can Take Advantage or Use Post Templates

Movie or Review Blog

In movie review blogs, you must enter details like each review's release date and budget. You can simply add a pre-format about these details, and it will save some time.

Software Blog

Like the movie-reviewing blog, you can create a pre-format for your posts. You can also use this method to create an APK or an mp3 downloading website.

How to Use the Post Template Function in Blogger?

Now that you know all about the post template, let's learn how to use a Post template on Blogger posts. Follow the steps below:

  1. You have to create a new post first to make a post template; First, log in to your Blogger dashboard and click on new post. 
    You have to create a new post first to make a post template

  2. Arrange your blog posts' structure and determine the points you want to include in every post.
  3. Write down the headings or points you want. You can also make some words bold or add any other styles. Now go to the HTML view of your post.
  4. In the HTML view, you can see all the HTML code of the post template you just created. Copy all the HTML code.
  5. After copying all the HTML code of your post layout, go to the settings of your Blogger Dashboard. Scroll down until you find the option for a Post template. 
    Scroll down until you find the option for a Post template

  6. Click on the Post template option and paste the HTML code you copied earlier. Now save the settings, and that's it; you successfully created a Pre-format for all your upcoming Blog posts.


Using a post template on Blogger saves time and work if used correctly. But, if you don't think about the pre-format of your post correctly, then you will just have to delete some things every time you create a new post.

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