Best Aviation and Flight Attendant Schools in Cameroon 2024

This is a list of the best aviation schools in Cameroon. The list focuses on accredited aviation schools offering affordable and world-class training that equips one with the necessary skills to successfully navigate the broad aviation field.

These are organizations approved to perform training under the supervision of the Cameroon Aviation Authority.

Best Aviation and Flight Attendant Schools in Cameroon

Aviation Schools in Cameroon

In no particular order, here is a list of Cameroon's best aviation schools or universities.

  1. Cameroon Civil Aviation Academy
  2. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Douala Cameroon
  3. Advanced International Aviation Academy

1. Cameroon Civil Aviation Academy (CCAA)

CCAA is the best aviation school in Cameroon, founded in 2016; CAE aviation school CCAA also offers legion security training and aviation safety. Its headquarters is at military air base 101.

It aims to provide various services for challenges faced by the aviation authority, which include recycling material and aircraft carcasses left at air terminals.

The CCAA has two main centers in Douala and Yaoundé Cameroon and has specific rules to respect. Cameroon civil aviation school has just signed an alliance agreement with the national advanced school of engineering, Yaoundé.

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Requirements to Join CCAA

 To be eligible to sit for the entrance examination into the CCAA SCHOOL, applicants must be

  • Holders of GCE ordinary level /BEPC certificates or any other equivalent certificates.
  • Between 21-35 years of age
  • Should be bilingual (English and French)
  • Physically fit and ready to work during the day and night
  • Should be able to communicate and have a team spirit
  • Respect the CCAA rules
  • Free from any criminal prosecution and should not have been sentenced to imprisonment.

CCAA Contact

  • Tel: +237 22230 30 90 or +237 655 069 656
  • Email:

2. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Douala Cameroon

It is one of Cameroon's best and fast aviation schools, growing in notoriety. It is also known as the CAE Global Aviation Academy. CAE was formerly called SEBANA flight Academy Africa

The school is one of the best aviation schools in Cameroon because it is a distinctive leading aviation school with international standards fundamentally within central Africa.


  • Have a passion for flight.
  • Complete secondary high school education, ideally achieving a pass in the English language and mathematics. Other subjects may be included, but these 3 are the most obligatory.
  • Medical certificates
  • Age: above 17, nationality and eligibility
  • Assessment.


  • Tel: +237 6 96 97 25 27
  • Address: MONTHE PAUL, 359, Rue, Douala
Flight Attendant in Cameroon

3. Advanced International Aviation Academy (AIA)

It's one of the best aviation schools in Cameroon and the best in the world found in Yaoundé Cameroon. This school offers facilities and training programs advanced to provide its students with the best pilot training to become professional airline pilots or recreational pilots.

In addition to the countable success, AIA quickly provides their successful graduate students with employment as they partner with airports like horizon air, Alaska, skyways, envoy, etc. 

AIA Courses

  • Fast-track airline pilot
  • Professional pilot courses
  • Airline pilot course
  • Flight instructor course
  • Multi-engine rating course
  • Instruments rating course
  • Commercial pilot course
  • Private sports pilot course


  • 675288003
  • Email:

Tuition or Fees of Aviation Schools in Cameroon

In all these aviation schools in Cameroon, fees neared are about 120,000 FCFA a year for Cameroonian students, while international students pay more school fees. 

Furthermore, the retirement age of pilots in Cameroon is 61 years old. In contrast, the entrance into these examination schools is 17 to 35 years.

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