UBA Cameroon WhatsApp Number: Leo Online Banking

 UBA WhatsApp Banking in Cameroon is live, and people can directly transact using their beloved WhatsApp app. The WhatsApp application is arguably the best messaging app thanks to its ease of use. 

UBA Online Banking Cameroon

Now, you can carry out some basic banking activities on your WhatsApp Application from Cameroon simply by chatting with Leo – UBA’s Artificial Intelligence Personality. Some of the banking activities you can perform via WhatsApp includes:

  • Check Account Balance.
  • Airtime Top Up.
  • Bills, Payments
  • Cash Transfer.

Leo Online Banking

While this seems like a welcome development, there are still some issues. For one, you would need an internet connection to use the WhatsApp Application to chat with Leo. 

There is also the point of some phones being unable to install the WhatsApp Application. If you fall into any of the above categories, then you can use their USSD Banking option, which offers almost the same features. Now, let’s get down to how to set up the UBA WhatsApp Banking on your Smartphone.

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UBA Cameroon Whatsapp Number: How To Set Up UBA WhatsApp Banking in Cameroon?

  1. First, You must ensure the WhatsApp application is installed on your phone. You must also have an active internet connection. Once both requirements have been met, then we can begin.
  2. Add the UBA Cameroon WhatsApp Banking Number to your contacts list: +237 667 99 99 19.
  3. You can save it with anything you want, but I recommend you save it with Leo or Leo UBA.
  4. Open your WhatsApp Application and go to your contact list. Refresh the list and look for the contact. Once the contact has been saved.
  5. Tap on it to open a chat.
  6. Now Send “Hi”
  7. Accept the terms and conditions of the UBA WhatsApp Banking by typing 1 and Send.
  8. Once you accept, a link will be sent to you.
  9. Open the link with any browser and register using your UBA account number.
  10. After successful registration, an OTP (One time password) will be sent to your phone number.
  11. Open your WhatsApp Application and Open the chat between you and Leo. Now Type in the OTP you got and send it.
  12. Once that is done, then you are all set. You can now use the UBA WhatsApp Banking for your banking transactions.


The UBA WhatsApp Banking is one of a kind and a step in the right direction as the world is going digital. It is just a matter of time before other banks follow suit in UBA’s footsteps.

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