Requirements and Cost of Creating a UBA Cameroon Current & Savings Account

This guide shows the current cost and requirements for opening a savings account with UBA Cameroon. These requirements can only differ from one bank to the next. It is worth noting that the procedures for opening a bank account in Cameroon are straightforward.

UBA Cameroon is amongst the most trusted banks in Cameroon. It has over 20 locations and more than 600 workers.

UBA Cameroon is governed by the Banking Commission of the CEMAC Region (COBAC), the CEMAC Region's governing body for the banking industry, overseen by the Bank of Central Banks (BEAC). It is growing at a rate of 4.8 percent.

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With a large client base and easy access, many Cameroonians who intend to enjoy their services tend to search for the requirements to open an account (Current & Savings).

Requirements to Open a Current and Savings Account With UBA Cameroon

Below are the requirements to open a current and savings account with UBA bank Cameroon:

  • Photocopy of a valid national identity card. If you possess a national identity card receipt, you are expected to legalize it and come along with a photocopy of the birth certificate.
  • Two (02) passport-size photographs.
  • A site plan of residence (a sketch map of where you live).
  • An initial deposit of 25,000 Fcfa if you open a Current account and 50,000 Fcfa for a Savings account. 
  • Sonel bill/water bill or Housing contract (tenancy agreement).
  • Justification of revenue, i.e., proof of funds (copy of payment voucher, professional card, attestation of employment or contract).
  • Unique Identification Number (UIN)

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How Much do you Need to Open a UBA Account in Cameroon?

In UBA Cameroon, the initial deposit to open an account is as follows:

  • Initial deposit Current account - 25,000 Fcfa
  • Initial deposit Savings account - 50,000 Fcfa
  • Initial deposit Students account - 5,000 Fcfa

What is the Customer Care/Help Desk Contact Number for UBA Cameroon?

Here is the customer care number and email address for UBA Cameroon:

  • +237 233 506 782

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