MTN Mobile Money Cameroon Codes: Login, MoMo Merchant SIM

MTN Mobile Money or MoMo, simplifies login and money transfer via its shortcodes.

MTN Mobile Money Cameroon Codes: Login to MoMo End-User and Merchant SIMs

Usually, it is difficult to go through the lengthy process of sending money to our loved ones or serving our mobile money customers in our call boxes (kiosks). Here are easy shortcodes to do all Mobile money transactions without stress. These shortcodes work for end-user and merchant sims.

End-User Mtn SIM Cards


MoMo Services        

USSD Codes

Sent money to MTN mobile user

*126*1*1*number*amount*code# & To confirm

Sent money to MTN mobile user

*126*9*number*amount# &  confirm with code to send

MTN MoMo Merchant sim Login Codes 


USSD Codes

Check MTN mobile money


*126*6*1# and  confirm with code


*126*1*1*number*amount # confirm with code


*126*2*number*amount # confirm with code


*126*5*1*number*amount # confirm with code

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