School Fees and Admission/Registration at University of Douala 2024

  The University of Douala is one of the Universities in the French-speaking regions of Cameroon. In 1977, the institution was founded. It is a relatively older university than the University of Buea (founded in 1992).

Tuition Fees and Courses Offered at the University of Douala

Tuition fees and courses offered at the University of Douala vary yearly according to the slots available for admission. These admission lists into the university are usually made public by the various faculties in the institution.

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University of Douala Tuition Fees (School Fees)

The flat rate for tuition fees for undergraduate nationals attending the University of Douala, Cameroon, is fifty thousand Francs CFA (50000 XAF). 

The tuition fees for postgraduate nationals attending the University of Douala, Cameroon, range from six hundred thousand Francs CFA (600,000 XAF) to one million FCFA (1,000,000 FCFA). Specific Professional Master's courses cost more than others.

Foreign or overseas students pay one million fifty thousand francs (1,050,000 XAF) as tuition payment to study at the University of Douala.

How to pre-register at the University of Douala? (Admission/Registration Procedure)

To pre-register as part of the admission process at the University of Douala, do the following:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on the "pre-registration" button. 
  3. Select the Faculty at the University of Douala
  4. Also, choose the corresponding course you would like to enroll in by clicking on the header bearing Faculty of this Faculty.
  5. Click on submit to complete the registration process.

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