7 Reasons Why Toyota is Cameroon’s Best Car Brand (Top)

 Toyota has become commonplace in Cameroon. As a Cameroonian, it is easy to see the reason behind that figure as you can hardly see 10 cars without counting at least five Toyota vehicles. Some individuals have sought to use a different vehicle other than Toyota, but many keep running back to the car they ignored. Many have sought to find reasons for Toyota’s dominance but always complicate everything when the grounds are pretty simple.

Reasons Why Toyota is Cameroon’s Top Car Brand

1. Toyota Cars are Relatively Cheap in Cameroon

When you compute the cost of owning a Benz or a BMW, you wouldn’t need to be told why Toyota is commonplace in a country whose 70% of its population lives below-average wealth. Even the Cameroon Government understands the difference between Toyota and German machines, so they make you pay higher custom import duty on the latter.

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2. Durability

While Toyota cars are cheap, they are not the only affordable products in the auto market. One of the reasons they are popular is that they last for a long time. You can literally use a Sienna, Camry, or whatever for 10 years without needing to do any significant transformation, even if you never bought it.

3. Availability of Toyota Spare Parts in Cameroon

This is one of the people's considerations before buying a car and eventually settling for a Toyota. What’s the point in purchasing a vehicle that you can hardly replace its spare parts when it gets faulty? The spare parts are ready whenever you want and at affordable prices. That’s everything a car owner needs when replacing some car parts.

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4. Drivability and Balance

You would not understand this unless you drive a Camry and go on to drive another car in the same class as a ??? Toyota has good drivability that makes you feel in control of your world when behind the wheel, which is one of the reasons why drivers love buying it again and again.

A car has a reasonable price and comes with a durable engine, great movement, and an excellent exterior design. A Toyota will give you all you need in good measure without breaking your pocket.

5. Auto Mechanics

You don’t need to look too far to get a mechanic with a Toyota vehicle. It is known that mechanics find the brand easy to disassemble and repair. To them, it is a simple car that doesn’t take much skill to master. That does not mean some mechanics won’t mess your Toyota up big time. When you have numerous mechanics to fix a car, the cost of repairing that car comes down dramatically.

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6. Fuel Economy

Fuel is expensive; using a car that consumes excess fuel could be a wrong economic choice if you struggle to fill up. The fuel efficiency of Toyota brands makes them one of the top reasons they are Cameroon’s Number 1 automobile. However, we are not saying you should buy a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 and expect it to consume less fuel than a 4-cylinder Volkswagen Jetta.

7. Toyota Car Resale value

An average Cameroonian buying a car today is already calculating how much they will sell it 5 years from now. Toyota cars hold their value pretty well and can still put some coins in your account after their entire life span.

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