How to Calculate Customs Duty in Cameroon (Tariff Book PDF)

Calculating customs duty in Cameroon is pretty straightforward. This is because the government of Cameroon has made it easier for citizens to calculate and know the cost of import and export duty using the tariff Book in PDF.

The Cameroonian custom often imposes various taxes and duties whenever goods enter or exit Cameroon. One of these taxes includes customs duties and import Valued Added Tax.

What is Customs Duty?

Customs Duty and import Valued Added Tax are taxes on items imported into Cameroon.

What is Customs Clearance in Cameroon?

Custom Clearance in Cameroon is the procedure or process of paying Customs Duties imposed on imported items. Once these fees are made, the goods are declared cleared.

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How to Calculate Customs Duty in Cameroon (Customs Clearance)?

Custom duties are usually calculated as a percentage of the declared value of an imported item.

Customs duty tariffs in Cameroon range from five (5) percent to thirty (30) percent. These fees are levied on imported items. 

The customs tariffs in Cameroon depend on the type of goods imported as follows:

  1. First Category: raw materials: 5 %
  2. Second Category: raw materials: 10 %
  3. Third Category: semi-finished products: 20 %
  4. Fourth Grade: finished products: 30 %

All goods imported into Cameroon are classified, and codes are assigned to each imported product.

To know the amount you will be expected to pay as a clearance fee when your item arrives in Cameroon, you just need to check the customs tariff book for the item you wish to import. This customs tariff book is listed below.

When the customs value cannot be determined by the provisions of the tariff book (Article 26), the Administration of Customs and the importer should typically work together to identify the basis of the value by applying the provisions of Article 28 29. 

The customs value shall be added to the base freight of the goods and insurance. 

The customs value is the merchandise's CIF ( Cost Insurance Freight ). This is the basis for calculating tariffs.

Other Taxes Incurred By Goods Imported into Cameroon

  • Additional municipal tax: 10% VAT
  • Computer fee 0.45 % for imports domiciled in Computer Offices.
  • Tax 1-5 % depending on the presentation of the taxpayer's card.
  • Excise duties (only for goods covered by the Finance Act 2006 ) 25%.
  • Community integration tax (TCI) 1 % for non- CEMAC imports. 
  • Tax veterinary health inspection (ISVs); Phytosanitary (GST ) 50F /T.


Provisionally, the transaction value method does not apply to goods subject to reference prices, minimum taxable value, and used goods.

Some goods are subject to a reference price set by the financial act:

  • Order No. 06/11/200 03685/MINEFI/CAB of certain textile products
  • Decision No. 655/MINEFI/CAB of 28/12/04 on meat, offal, biscuits, and salts
  • Decision No. 654/MINEFI/CAB of 28/12/04 on the meat and offal biscuits
  • Decision No. 658/MINEFI/CAB of 29/12/04 on imported sugar
  • Decision No. 659/MINEFI/CAB of 29/12/04 on alcoholic beverages
  • Decision No. 660/MINEFI/CAB of 29/12/04 on cigarettes.
  • Service Note No. 110/MINEFI/DD of 14/04/05 on Asia and certain goods imports ( used tires, used clothing, flea markets, imports from Asia ).

Cameroon Customs Tariff Book PDF

How to Calculate VAT in Cameroon?

Import VAT (value-added Tax) tariff is also calculated as a percentage of the imported item's purchase price (declared value).

It should be noted that custom duty rates vary from commodity to commodity while Import VAT is fixed. The Cameroon government charges a fixed VAT rate of 19.25%.

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